Noticed this on my morning walk.

Not sure why but my eye was drawn to the side of this cherry picker when I was on my morning walk recently. If you looked at this first photo you may have noticed a warning sign. I have increased the size so you can see what caught my attention.

Just for a laugh.

Our daughter wore this t-shirt when she was here during the holidays.  I absolutely love it.  My daughter’s partner gave her the t-shirt.  

These made me smile.

A book I borrowed recently from the library was a book of Punch cartoons.  I think my dad used to enjoy the magazine and the cartoons.  There were many of the cartoons that made me laugh but I particularly liked these two, the first as I used to be a teacher and the second because…

Cricket season again……I love it.

My first year of blogging I posted this post The Mysteries of Cricket.  It was January 2012 when Australia was playing India in a test series.  Looking back at some of my old blog posts, this is my seventh year blogging, I came across this post and thought it was worthy of a reblog.I love…