The darkest purple

I have posted about my favourite iris in previous years so here is this years. I love the darkness of the purple.

The flowers that bloom in the Spring tra la.

This time of year is lovely for flowers to cut for indoor display as well as having a lovely display in the garden. The irises this year are beautiful.  I split the corms the year before last and so last year we didn’t have many blooms.  This year the blooms are much better. This dark…

The flowers that bloom in the spring tra la!

(Ignore the random button on the shelf. :-)) I have posted before about how I enjoy flowers from the garden and being able to pick them and bring the sunshine indoors.  We have a mainly native plants in our garden but I planted several roses when we moved here as I have always enjoyed roses….


Yesterday I posted about the roses in the garden, well today it is the turn of the irises.  At our previous house I had bought many different rhizomes so that I would have a variety or irises rather than the plain purple.  I didn’t want to deprive the new owners of our house by taking…

Blooming garden

At this time of the year the garden is looking good as we have had plenty of rain. Here is a sample of what is in bloom at the moment. This is called the pincushion bush. Clematis Protea. An old fashioned rose. “Charlotte” Chinese lantern bush Robinia tree Don’t know what this is. Dietes Seaside…