How to make an omelette

Originally posted on A Drawerful of Porridge:
A couple of weeks ago I was in Luvian’s wonderful Bottle Shop and deli in Cupar, browsing the serried ranks of gin and whisky bottles. I could have bought a £200 bottle of rare Finnish vodka, in a bottle the size of a fish tank. But instead I…

Memories jolted by desktop photo

The desktop on my home computer has a flow of photos which have been loaded onto the computer over the years.  Yesterday one of the photos that came on the screen was this one. It is an aerial photo of the village where I grew up.  The village is Ladybank, Fife and the photo was…

Clearing out my drawers!

This exhibition caught my eye because it is being held at Ladybank Station. I grew up in Ladybank. Claire Heminsley is a textile artist and drawer and you can find more information about her here.