Replacing the damage done.

I recently bought a few plants to replace some of those plants that were destroyed in the heatwave we had where the temperature was over 40 degrees.  The heat burnt the new growth on many of our plants but some plants were so badly scorched that they died and had to be replaced.

The plants are mainly natives.  You can probably pick out a protea, a waratah, a banksia and a correa.  Unfortunately we also lost our banksia coccinea but I have been unable to get a replacement for that.  I will just need to keep an eye out for one in the future.

We also had to replace some of the plants in our recently planted lilli pilli hedge.

These are the two new plants and the following photos are the plants that did survive with some new growth.

It will be interesting to see if any more new growth happens further up the plants.

On a positive note, the garlic I planted has taken off.

Kookaburra sits on the washing line

kookaburraWe have had a resident kookaburra for the last couple of weeks.  He has found a plentiful supply of grubs in the bed below the washing line.  He sits patiently on the line until ready to pounce.  There are many holes in the garden bed so he has obviously found plenty to eat.

We also have a group of satin bower birds hanging around the garden.  They are attracted by the berries on the lilli pilli and the Tuscan Kale.

kaleThe kale is getting shredded by the birds so we will need to make sure we get our share before it all disappears.