A little bit more Marimekko using free bag pattern

Remember when i said I was going to see what I could produce with a metre of Marimekko fabric?  Well I have just made something else.

I found a pattern on the website of A Very Purple Person and decided I could use up some of my left over scraps.

The bag is reversible, the next picture shows the inside which can be used as the outside too.

I still have a couple of small scraps left so there is probably one more project left.

A metre’s worth?

I have recently been in Melbourne and while there I went into the Marimekko shop in the EMPORIUM.  Marimekko was very popular in the 70s and I have always liked their fabrics but the prices are a bit expensive.  They had some lovely little items on display but again the prices were what I thought rather excessive.  After a bit of umming and aahhing I decided to buy a metre of fabric and see what I could produce that would make the purchase worthwhile.  The metre of fabric was $69.  As I said, it was a bit expensive.

fabricI have managed to make an apron.

marimekko apronI even managed to use the selvedge edge to make a label.marimekko apron label

apron in shopAlready I have come out even, anything else I make is a bonus.

cosmetic bagA cosmetic bag. I had the zip already in my store of things recycled from clothing no longer viable and the lining fabric was left over fabric from something I had made previously.

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-7-15-46-amYes that bag says $55.00.

storge bowlA storage bowl –  again with left over fabric for lining.  I still have some Marimekko fabric to use so  I guess my $69 was worth it.  I will let you see what else I make when I get them finished.



Marimekko Fabric

Fabric is something that can evoke memories.  It can be extremely expensive or dirt cheap.  I bought some very cheap fabric from the local Spotlight store and one of the fabrics I bought was because it reminded me of a Marimekko fabric.

Marimekko fabrics are very expensive.  At this online shop it costs $69 a metre but can be $89 on some websites.  I bought only a metre, even though it was really cheap – $4,  as I wasn’t sure what I was going to use the fabric for.  Marimekko is generally a homeware fabric but this fabric was a simple lightweight cotton. This is what I decided to make.  It is for my one year old granddaughter.