Memories and plates on the wall

Many years ago we bought a plate for my mum and dad for Christmas.

blue platesSince then we bought two plates of our own.  When mum and dad passed away the plate came back to us and we now have three plates above our kitchen doorway.

In our family room we have a wall of plates that each have some significance to us.

platesThe little square plate is one of a set of five given to me as a gift from a parent of a Japanese student I taught.

The Hills Clothes Hoist plate is from our younger daughter.  The cockerel plate with the clock mechanism was converted to a clock by our son and the dark blue plate on the left-hand side is from our elder daughter.

plates2Each plate is a link to a memory of someone or somewhere we have visited.

Do you have any plates that bring back memories to you?


Plants that are passed on provide many memories

kitchen window viewThe view from our kitchen window is particularly beautiful during autumn, thanks to the Japanese maple near the water feature.  We are actually in winter now but some trees still have their autumn foliage.

maple 2We had a beautiful Japanese maple at our previous house and the tree had been given to us from one of my colleagues at work.  That tree provided us with many years of beautiful autumn colours before we moved to Metung.

autumn foliageThis particular tree in Metung was grown from a seedling which grew from leaf litter that my sister and brother-in-law gave us.  They had a lovely Japanese maple in their garden in Canberra and in autumn they would give us bags of leaf litter to put on the poor soil in our garden in Bywong.  We took one of the self sown seedlings from the leaf litter and potted it up to take with us when we moved to Metung.  We also have three more maples which have come from our daughter in Canberra.  I think they also may have started off as leaf litter from my sister.  I will need to ask my daughter next time we visit.