A bike ride

It is a couple of weeks since I was last on my bike so it was good to get our for a rideon the weekend.  I went for a ride with two other women and we rode what we call the Metung loop.  I then doubled back a bit on my own and did a reconnoiter of an area known as Tambo Bluff.  We thought that we might ride around there on one of our future rides.

I met the other two riders at Chinaman’s Creek.

We enjoyed the ride together and I also enjoyed exploring Tambo Bluff.  I came across a walking track which had information panels regarding the flora and fauna.

There was also a box where you could access a pamphlet about the tracks.

I rode down to the foreshore and took a short video before riding home.  It was a beautiful morning.

Hot! The best place was underground.

We have had some scorching weather here recently and last Friday we reached temperatures in the mid forties, about 113 Farenheit.  It was incredibly hot.  We had our elder daughter and two of our grandchildren staying with us and we had planned to go to Buchan Caves that day even before we knew it was going to be a hot day, I am so glad we did.

The caves are about an hour’s drive from Metung.  We arrived about ten o’clock so we were there before the caves became busy.

The entrance to the cave is dungeon like.  When the door was opened by the tour guide you could feel the rush of lovely cool air which was most welcome after the scorching heat outside.

The caves really are beautiful.  We visited the Royal Caves.

After we had finished our tour of the caves we went to the naturally fed swimming pool.  This pool is fed by water from the underground river in the cave system.

It was the ideal spot to be on such a blisteringly hot day.  The water was bracing when you first entered but then it was ideal.  It was a lovely way to finish off our visit to the caves.