Appreciating what we have and where we live.

It was a lovely morning this morning, and I had been for my early morning walk.  I had prepared a delicious breakfast of bruschetta with tomato, basil and feta on homemade bread. I took my breakfast outside and just enjoyed the surroundings and beautiful weather.

Work is underway

Yes, the demolition work is underway on the fire-damaged premises in Metung.  You can see the Lockwood sign in the background and that is where the real estate business has relocated.  The premises were the former Information Centre and a small retail outlet. That means at least one of the businesses affected is now up and operating.

The roof has been removed from the Nautica part of the complex and you can see the extent of the damage.The Bakery still has its roof but I am not sure if that is coming down as well.  The Bakery is relocating to vacant premises across the road.  The shop called Tallowwood used to be in the premises.  It is the white building with the drawn blinds.

It is great to see that things are moving quickly but there is no way it will all be completed in time for the influx of summer tourists.

The Metung Community is hoping that at least the bakery will be operating.

Metung boardwalk progress

Slowly the boardwalk is progressing.  This morning I took a couple of photos to show how far things have progressed.

It is great to see that some wood has actually been laid down so it shouldn’t be too long before some decking is put down.  Will it be ready before the Christmas break?

Some activity at Patterson Park yesterday morning.

Yesterday morning on my walk I went past Patterson Park and noticed there was a bit of unusual activity happening.  There was a large crane, a cherry picker and some trucks labelled Tree Limits.

I speculated that they were there to do some tree trimming, perhaps to make the park safer as well as to make some clearance of the mobile tower.

I was down in the village later in the day so I could post a parcel and I noticed that they had finished working.

You can see that the trees have indeed been trimmed and there is more clearance to the tower.  Maybe there will be better mobile phone reception in Metung now.