Nature in the garden

This incredible insect was resting on one of our outdoor chairs.I looks just like a eucalyptus leaf. My husband did a bit of research in the internet and discovered that it is a childrens stick insect. Its scientific name is Tropidoderus childrenii.  There are some beautiful photos on the internet.  

Ducklings in a puddle

After some recent heavy rain I spied these ducklings on my morning walk.  The puddle had formed at the bottom of a block of land that had been recently reformed in order to establish a flat piece of land for the building of a house.  I spotted the ducks and ducklings waddling on the land…

Treasure the simple things

Yesterday morning my husband brought me a present. He found this little feather in the garden and it is a beautiful blue.  You can’t see it in the photo but in the direct sunlight it is almost iridescent. Over the years I have accumulated a collection of bits and pieces from the garden and elsewhere….

A snake sunning itself, keep away.

The day before yesterday while I was out on my morning walk I came across this notice. You can see from the date on the notice that it has been there for a few days.  It got me thinking about snakes and how they are just a natural part of Australian life. When we lived…

The Latrobe Valley, a varied landscape

I have spent the last few days in the Latrobe Valley.  We were staying in Traralgon, which is not my favourite place- it smells, literally.  In the many years that we have been visiting Traralgon, my husband’s parents lived there, there are many spots that I haven’t been to and over the past few days…