A vest from a shirt

My daughter gives me the shirts that her partner has finished using and I usually make a shirt for her daughter but this time I made something a little different.

The paisley material is from the shirt and the polka dot material is from scraps I had. I used some scraps of left over quilting batting and quilted the paisley fabric before constructing the vest.

I used a pattern that had been used to make an outfit for her mother and her sister when they were little.

When we were recently in Scotland we visited Paisley.  You can read about the origin and history of the Paisley pattern here.  It is fascinating how patterns come about and how they go out of fashion and then come back into fashion.


A finished quilt

I posted previously about a quilt I was making but then couldn’t post more because it was a 40th birthday gift for my elder daughter.  She has since had her birthday so I can now show the finished item.  A king sized quilt.The quilt was made from seven shirts and I had seen the idea on Pinterest.

I laid out the pieces to make sure no pieces the same were together.

Once I had joined the cover it then had the woollen wadding and backing fabric added before being quilted.

The next task was to make the binding.  I chose a dark burgundy that was left over in my stash of fabrics.

The final piece was to embroider the label for the back.

A puzzling piece of sewing.

When we were in York on our visit to the UK I went to the York Quilt Museum to see a Kaffe Fassett exhibition.  Unfortunately the day I went to see the exhibition the museum was closed to change over the exhibition to a new one.  I was really disappointed and decided that I would make the trip to the museum the following week to view the new exhibition.

The exhibition I saw was ultra modern and not really to my liking although I could appreciate the amount of work that had gone into the quilts which were really pieces of artwork rather than quilts.

While I was at the museum I visited the shop that comes with all tourist attractions and I was able to purchase something to remind me of my trip to the museum.

I bought a kit for making puzzling blocks.  The kit was really just some pieces of cut foam and directions on how to piece the fabric together to make the blocks.  It was lightweight and took up very little room in my luggage.  I had some Kaffe Fassett material scraps at home so I was able to link the blocks to my missed exhibition. 🙂

The blocks are all attached at some point and you just manipulate them to make the different rectangles and cubes.  Sort of like Rubic’s Cube.

On visiting the Quilt museum website it was disappointing to find this.Screen shot 2015-12-17 at 3.23.36 PMHere is the link to the decision.


Some sewing for Maggie

It is quite a while since I have done any sewing and my daughter asked me if I would like to make a library bag for my granddaughter.  I was delighted to say yes as I had made a library bag for her older brother.

I used up scraps I had at home and I thought I had used fabric that Maggie’s mum had given to me but I discovered that it was fabric that Maggie’s aunt had given me.  The bag certainly now has a family link.  I hope she likes it.

library bagI did a bit of patchwork on the bag using a Japanese kimono block.

library bag2

Useful scraps

My latest bit of sewing was using up some small scraps of fabric that had been given to me by my elder daughter and some scraps that I had left over from quilting.

fan potholder

I first saw this shaped potholder when I was at the Quilt Show in Canberra and thought it was a good idea for making use of scraps.  I have made two and no doubt I will make a few more at some stage.

fan shaped potholder

Flying geese with rabbits and ducks and kittens

I have managed to get a bit of quilting done recently and the quilt I made was a cot quilt.

I already had the fabric so it was good to make something useful with the pieces I had.

constructingThe wadding that is there is only so I could get the size correct.  It was wadding taken from an old shop bought quilt.  I bought new wadding for this quilt.

The finished result.  The quilt pattern is called Flying geese, for those of you not acquainted with quilting terminology.