Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick, sick, sick.

You may remember I made a dolly for my granddaughter one Christmas.  The doll was made from felt whereas I usually make dolls in calico.  While I was down in Melbourne I noticed that dolly was in the mending basket as she had suffered a bit of wear and tear.  I told my granddaughter that I would take dolly to the hospital to get fixed up and brought the doll home to repair it.

felt doll

Unfortunately the doll really was beyond repair and I decided to do a complete remake, apart from the legs.  The legs had not been made in felt so didn’t require fixing.

I took the doll apart and remade it in calico.  the finished doll looks a little smaller than the original but hopefully it will be more robust than the felt one.

calico doll


Dolly now has a bit of personality

Dolly now has a bit of personality as well as clothes!

I posted previously about making a doll for our new grandchild.  The doll was made prior to our granddaughter’s arrival but she was the bare bones.  I had to wait until I knew whether the grandchild was a boy or a girl before doing the finishing touches.

bare bonesI have now given the doll some hair

doll hairand some clothes

doll clothesand it will be left to our daughter to come up with a name.  I hope it begins with “J”


Well, Hello Dolly!

My younger daughter recently asked me if I would make a doll for the child she is expecting.  She wanted a doll the same as the one I had made for her when she was little.

You can see the doll peeping out of the cardboard box on the left side. I’m not sure if that is her doll or her sisters.

FionaShe doesn’t know the sex of the baby yet so I can only make the body of the doll and do the rest when the baby is born.

I made dolls for each of our children.

jeremyThis one is in the toy basket that sits in our family room now for when the youngest grandchild visits.

jeremy2 The first doll was Jemima, named after the Playschool doll.  The second doll was Josephine and the last one, which you can see here, was Jeremy.

Jeremy was our son’s and it got a bit more wear and tear than the girl dolls.  It has had some repair done where the arm came adrift after some vigorous tussling!

The pattern is from 1978 but as I keep all my patterns I found it in my pattern box.

doll patternUnfortunately I don’t have the shoe pattern but I should be able to conjure something up.

pattern backI generally have some calico in my stash and so I was able to get the pieces cut out yesterday.

pattern piecesI should get the body of the doll done today then we just need to wait until the baby is born to do the hair and clothing.