Reposting of “Tomato relish instead of sauce” in light of the death of Margaret Fulton.

Originally posted in 2017.  Thank you Margaret Fulton.

Last year I made loads of tomato sauce and this year I have also made sauce but not quite as much.  Today for a bit of a change I made relish instead.

The recipe was from Margaret Fulton’s Encyclopaedia of Food and Cookery

Margaret Fulton's Encyclopaedia of Food and CookeryWe have had this book since 1983 and it still gets referred to occasionally.

Here is the recipe I used

recipe“until the mixture is thick.” had me in a bit of a quandary as there are various stages of thick!  I did it until I thought it was thick enough and it seems to have turned out ok.  This is the first time I have done a pickle, relish or sauce that has flour as a thickener.

It was delicious on cheese.


An Australian icon leaves us.

One of Australia’s icons, the beloved Margaret Fulton, food writer and cook, passed away yesterday at the age of 94.

I think I probably came across her recipes for the first time in either of the magazines, Womans Weekly or New Idea.  She was the first female Australian cook to introduce us to the flavours of other nations.

I used many of her recipes when our children were young as the recipes were simple and easy for a working mother to follow.  Both of our daughters cooked from the Margaret Fulton Encyclopaedia of Food and Cookery when they were still school students.  Vegetable pie, first cooked in 1992 by my elder daughter, and  cinnamon teacake by my younger daughter, were both family favourites.

Back in 2017 I read her memoir, I Sang for my Supper – memories of a food writer, and I felt I knew her after reading it.  If you get the opportunity borrow the book from your library to learn more about this amazing Australian treasure, who incidentally was born in Scotland.

I have also reposted a post I wrote a few years ago when I was using one of the recipes from the encyclopaedia.



Christmas Mangoes, no, these are for chutney.

Before the Christmas holiday period I purchased a tray of mangoes.  I probably should have waited until after Christmas as mangoes are now considerably cheaper than they were then.  Anyway I bought the mangoes to make mango chutney particularly for one of my granddaughters.  The eldest granddaughter loves my mango chutney and I only had one jar to give her when she was visiting at Christmas.

The mangoes that I bought I cut up and packaged in 3lb lots as that is what is required for the chutney recipe.  The lots are now frozen and now that Christmas is over I will have some time to make the chutney.

The recipe for the chutney is one that my sister gave to me.  When we both lived in Canberra she would buy a tray of mangoes to go halves with me.  She and I no longer live in Canberra so I will be making chutney throughout the year using the frozen mangoes.

Attempting to re-use some of my old recipe books

I am making a conscious effort to use the numerous cookbooks I have in my possession.  I find that I tend to rely on just a few and I was going to do a cull of my books when I thought I really should go through them and pick out some recipes to try before I decide whether or not to pass them on.

What I have ended up doing is hanging on to all of the books and making sure that I take a recipe from a different cookbook each time I am looking for a recipe and that is how I ended up making this particular dish.

The recipe is taken from Everyday by Bill Granger.This book was published in 2006.  My how the time flies.  I used to use this book frequently but like all cookbooks it has been superceded by other books and has languished on my bookshelf without being used for some time.

The recipe I used was Prawn Salad with coconut dressing.  How I ended up using this recipe was my search for a recipe which would use two bunches of asparagus.

Such an easy recipe and it was delicious.

Hubbard squash and the end result

When we were on our recent bike ride we came across a roadside stall that was selling various vegetables and we stopped on our way home to buy some vegetables. One of the vegetables was Hubbard squash.  I hadn’t heard of this vegetable before.  I had heard of squash but not this particular kind.  It is a massive squash with an extremely hard exterior.  I didn’t realise the exterior was so hard until it came time to prepare it. I had to go online to find out what was the best method for chopping the squash. I decided, for safety’s sake to let my husband do the cutting as I am not as careful as he is.  The squash skin is even harder than a Queensland Blue pumpkin.  Online you can see people attack the squash with various implements but my favourite was dropping the squash from a balcony onto a sharp rock below.Hubbard squash is a member of the Cucurbita maxima family of winter squash, which also includes banana squash, kabocha squash, and turban squash. You will likely find Hubbard squash in one of two colors: greyish blue or bright orange. Although markedly different on the outside, this is where dissimilarities end between these two varieties. On the inside, they are otherwise identical. And the inside is the good part. The golden, beta-carotene-rich flesh of the Hubbard squash is smooth, slightly sweet, and satisfyingly starchy.

I decided to make Laksa after one of my riding companions posted a recipe she was going to use with her Hubbard squash. Donna Hay Tofu and pumpkin Laksa

I was busy finishing off making some more tomato sauce so I had prepared all the ingredients ready for when it was time for the Laksa.

It was delicious.

More produce from the garden

We managed to rescue most of our peaches from the peach tree this year.  We beat the birds and the netting meant we were able to get a good crop.

I have made a couple of batches of peach and vanilla jam.  We don’t eat much jam but our elder daughter’s family enjoys this particular jam so I make it mainly for them.

I put some of the jam into small breakfast jars so the children can have a little jar each.

We also had quite a few cucumbers this year so I have made some Bread and Butter Cucumbers.  These pickled cucumbers are delicious on a dry biscuit with cheddar cheese.

You can find the recipe on a previous post I wrote.