Jumping through hoops

I had no idea there were so many bureaucratic hoops to jump through when you volunteer to work with children.

Now that we are back, I thought it was about time for me to get involved at the local primary school in a voluntary way.  I still have my teaching accreditation for the state of Victoria but it will finish in September as I have decided not to renew it.  I thought if I was volunteering it would just be a matter of the school checking my current teaching accreditation to verify that it would be ok for me to work with children: to listen to children reading or to help out with craft etc.  I was a little misguided!

In order to work with children in Victoria you must have what is called “A Working With Children Check” . If everything is ok then you are given a registration card.

You need to go to a Post Office to collect a form, you can’t download one on the web at the Department of Justice website.  Once you have the document, it is similar to filling out a passport application, you need to provide three documents to prove your identity.  You also need to supply a passport sized photograph.

Now I have read all the information on the check I realise the importance of this Check as it helps to protect children from sexual or physical harm by checking a person’s criminal history.  Do you have something similar where you are?

Bell Baxter High no longer at Westport. Ad Vitam Paror, I am being prepared for life.

 I am going to Scotland later this year and I intended to visit my old school, Bell Baxter High.

This is so sad.

At least the newer part of the school is still in existence.

I would have thought that the building would be heritage listed but I am thinking in terms of Australian history which is very young, unlike Scottish history.  I guess the building is not really all that old but is past its used by date! If the walls could talk they would have so many stories to tell.

I have wonderful memories of Bell Baxter High School.