Another flannie.

I finally got around to finishing the second shirt for my granddaughter.  I do tend to get waylaid by things so it has taken a while to get this finished.  I quickly parceled it up and posted it without delay.  I parceled it up so quickly that I neglected to put the card inside.  Hopefully my granddaughter will get the shirts before it is too warm to wear them when she helps her dad working in the shed and on “Bluebell”.


I had a project in mind.

I bought two pieces of fabric two week ago as it is a while since I last did any sewing.  I had a project in mind but it needed to wait until I got back from my bike ride in Melbourne.

I bought flannel to make a couple of work shirts for our granddaughter.  The pattern can be made with a hood but I decided just to keep it as a shirt.

I also decided to go with the pocket and front band cut on the bias just to change things up a bit.

I have the second shirt cut out so it should get done on the weekend.  I hope they fit.



Old shirt recycled as dress lining.

It is a while since I have done any sewing.  I had cut out this dress last summer but hadn’t got around to doing anything with the cut out pieces.  I have finally got my act together and completed it.  The lining and pockets are made from shirt fabric that is being recycled.

I wasn’t sure if my granddaughter would wear it but I think the pockets were what convinced her.  She loves having pockets to put things in.  Although it is still winter here she wore it on her way back home to Canberra.

A vest from a shirt

My daughter gives me the shirts that her partner has finished using and I usually make a shirt for her daughter but this time I made something a little different.

The paisley material is from the shirt and the polka dot material is from scraps I had. I used some scraps of left over quilting batting and quilted the paisley fabric before constructing the vest.

I used a pattern that had been used to make an outfit for her mother and her sister when they were little.

When we were recently in Scotland we visited Paisley.  You can read about the origin and history of the Paisley pattern here.  It is fascinating how patterns come about and how they go out of fashion and then come back into fashion.


What big eyes you have Grandma. . . .

I have been doing a little bit of sewing recently as a birthday present for our youngest granddaughter.  Her mum suggested a Red Riding Hood cape as a present so that is what I have been making.  The pattern I used was this one but unfortunately it is not in the size required so I had to do a bit of guesswork in where to cut the pattern pieces to adjust for our granddaughter’s size.  No big problem as it all worked out ok.

The fabric was inexpensive but when I went to buy trim I was astounded at the prices.  If I had bought the trim I liked it would have been more expensive than the fabric.  In the end I found two rolls of ribbon in the bargain basket and was able to use that.  I think it looks fine.  I also needed a frog clasp for the neckline.  Unfortunately Spotlight, our haberdashery store, didn’t have any frogs so I am stuck on that point until I think of some other method of closing the neckline. (Update) I remembered that I had bought a couple of frog closures at a closing down sale many, many moons ago so I went for a rifle in my sewing box and sure enough there they were.  The only problem is they were white, not the black I wanted.  I decided to use them anyway and my daughter can change them if she wants to later on.

I am quite happy with the final result.

A finished quilt

I posted previously about a quilt I was making but then couldn’t post more because it was a 40th birthday gift for my elder daughter.  She has since had her birthday so I can now show the finished item.  A king sized quilt.The quilt was made from seven shirts and I had seen the idea on Pinterest.

I laid out the pieces to make sure no pieces the same were together.

Once I had joined the cover it then had the woollen wadding and backing fabric added before being quilted.

The next task was to make the binding.  I chose a dark burgundy that was left over in my stash of fabrics.

The final piece was to embroider the label for the back.