A finally finished project

Thanks to my late nights watching the World Cup Cricket I have managed to get my Shetland wool project finished.I am pleased with the finished product.  I made the sleeves longer because usually when I buy a jumper or cardigan the sleeves are too short – these are just right.

This is when I was blocking the cardigan after washing it.  I have chosen not to do buttons and buttonholes because I very rarely close a cardigan.

I did have issues with the button band and chose to undo one band and redo it after I found it had wrinkles in it.

This is the first time I have done steeking since I made a jumper way back in the sixties.  I was a teenager then and had no fear about cutting up my knitting.  I must admit I was rather hesitant this time.  I followed Kate Davies instructions on how to steek and I was delighted with the finished result. Kate has four posts on how to steek and it made the process easy to follow.

A bit blurred but you can see where I have cut the yoke. Next time I will be more careful about the wool colour used in the actual steek stitches.

I was just randomly carrying the wool on the steek but apparently I should have been alternating the colours so there are columns of colour.

Next time.



Finally some Shetland knitting

On our recent visit to Shetland I was able to purchase Shetland wool to knit some articles for me.

The first thing I am going to knit is Sheep Heid by Kate Davies.  I have knitted several Owlet jumpers which are also designed by Kate Davies but this time I am knitting a beanie.I bought the wool and pattern at Jamieson and Smith in Lerwick and now I am ready to start.  There are nine different shades of wool in the pattern so I am looking forward to knitting this.  It will be a good practice for when I knit the fair isle yoke cardigan for me.

I have knitted the rib band so now for the pattern.