I had a project in mind.

I bought two pieces of fabric two week ago as it is a while since I last did any sewing.  I had a project in mind but it needed to wait until I got back from my bike ride in Melbourne.

I bought flannel to make a couple of work shirts for our granddaughter.  The pattern can be made with a hood but I decided just to keep it as a shirt.

I also decided to go with the pocket and front band cut on the bias just to change things up a bit.

I have the second shirt cut out so it should get done on the weekend.  I hope they fit.



Pink and polka dots

I have been doing some more sewing for myself using some fabric that has been in my stash for a few years.  The first is beautiful pink linen. I can’t remember what I bought the linen for originally but I have used it to make a shirt.It looks pale and washed-out in pictures but the finished article does look good. Detail of the pocket stitching.

The pattern was not as well defined as most patterns I use and I had to wing it in parts where the instructions were missing or not clearly explained but overall I was happy with the result.  I lined the yoke as the linen is fairly see through and I didn’t want the edge of the seam on the yoke to show through.

The only buttons I had were see through and I used them but I was not happy with the end result.

I decided to buy some other buttons where the button hole would not be so obvious.

The second item is from this pattern:

A bit way out there in the fabric but I will wear it at home.


Skulls and paisley

This item is a dressing gown for my granddaughter.  It is an unusual fabric but one that my daughter chose.  It is lovely and bright and I don’t think my granddaughter will have any idea of what the pattern is.

The second item is a recycled shirt.

paisley shirtThe original shirt belonged to my granddaughter’s dad and my daughter wanted me to make a shirt from the fabric.  I even managed to include the maker’s label from the original shirt.

shirt patternI used this pattern and will certainly use the pattern again as I thoroughly enjoyed making the shirt.  The pattern allowed 1/4 inch seams and this was so much easier than the usual 5/8th as there was less trimming to do.