A shirt from an old pattern I had used in times long gone

I had bought this fabric when I bought the Ikat fabric and I thought I would make a shirt dress with it but then decided I would just make a shirt.  I had a pattern I had used many years ago and so cut out the fabric using that pattern.

It was all going beautifully until I came to the part where it said try the shirt on as you may need to adjust the side seams as the shirt pattern is in a full style.  I tried the shirt on and it literally floated on me.  I knew I would need to do some serious adjustments.  I have obviously changed shape since I last made this shirt and the floppy style is no longer my style.

I had to adjust the  side seams by at least 3 cms on each side seam and that was a huge amount of fabric.  If I use this pattern again I will make it in a smaller size but I think I will probably just buy a new shirt pattern that will be in the modern style.

A shirt becomes a shirt. . .recycling

torn shirtMy younger daughter has given me this shirt to turn into a shirt for my granddaughter.  She did give me the shirt quite some time ago but I am only now contemplating making the new shirt.  I am a bit slow off the mark.  I will get it unpicked today and hopefully get it cut out this week and maybe even sewn together.  Who knows what is in store this week.

That was last week when I wrote that.  I did manage to get the shirt unpicked although I cut it rather than unpicking it, much quicker.

I was also able to get all the pieces cut out so I should get it sewn this week.  There was fabric left over which I have set aside for some future quilting.

An update: I can now say that the shirt is almost finished.  I just have to make the buttonholes and sew on the buttons.

The pattern I used was the same one I used when I made this shirt previously, also from a dad shirt.

Final update, the shirt is finished.

finished shirt