Frogging balls or skeins

The jumper was frogged into balls and I was going to wash them as balls until I read a bit about frogging on the internet.  Apparently they suggest that you should wash the frogged wool as skeins rather than balls.

I then unwound a few balls into skeins and gave that a go.

This is how the skeins looked after being washed.  I wasn’t convinced that the result was any better than leaving the wool in balls to do the wash so I only did what you see here, the rest I left in balls.

After drying the wool I then wound the balls using my new Yarn Winder.  I love it.

You can see that there is still a bit of kink in the wool but it won’t be noticed in what I am using it for.

I am happy with the result.

Abuelita yarns, granny wool

wool 3 ply

This beautiful wool arrived last week.

beautiful parcel  I ordered the wool on the internet from a Norwegian website and I realise now that the colours you see on your screen may not necessarily match the real thing.  The yellowy skein is luminous in reality, not at all what I had imagined but I think it will look ok when knitted up.  Abuelita Yarns are Uruguayan yarns that have been hand dyed. I know, I bought the yarn from Norway why didn’t I buy it from Uruguay, that’s another story!

Abuelita yarnsThe yarns were named Abuelita (Granny)  This extract, taken from their blog, explains why:

“Grannies are transmitters of family and cultural identity. She gives perspective to future generations, a point of start from which we can carry on. A Granny symbolizes the archetype of the wise women. She has cultivated through love and tenderness, the passion for life and the ability to reinvent herself day by day. With an open mind and hard work, she gives us the elements to work with, she contributes with the essential moral values necessary to make the right decisions. She is the one that teaches us how complaining lead us nowhere, and shows us how to apreciate what we have. With intuition she can always show us the right path to follow. But above all, she is the kind of granny we identify with: energetic, loving and tender. She is the inspiration of Abuelita Yarns. Welcome to our Blog and Forum, I hope we can get us know better. Enjoy!”

Wow! No pressure on you granny.

The web site for Abuelita Yarns is here.  I will post at a later date what I have planned for the wool.  I had not intended to buy anymore wool as I was trying to reduce my stash but I couldn’t resist this particular pattern and I wanted the right wool.