Some creative projects that have taken place.

Since last posting before Christmas and the following bushfires I have managed to do a little bit of creating.  I have been knitting socks as they are an easily transported activity that doesn’t take up much room as it is one ball of wool and four needles.

I have managed to complete two pairs of socks and I have two more balls left to use.

I also, before Christmas, knitted a beanie for my sister.  The wool was possum wool that I bought when we were in New Zealand.


Wool given by my daughter

This is my latest knitting and the pattern I used.My elder daughter gave me some wool that she had not had the time to use and thought that I would be able to put it to use.  I decided to knit some socks for her.  Unfortunately I didn’t quite have enough of the mixed yellow wool so had to use some of a slightly darker shade when I started to decrease for the toe.  It wont be seen inside a shoe or boot so it doesn’t really matter.

I hope she likes the socks.  I still need to finish the second sock.  The pattern book was originally purchased when I used to knit socks for my dad.

Winter warmers

It is the last month of winter and have just finished knitting some socks.  The previous socks I have made have usually been done in 4 ply wool apart from a pair of bedsocks knitted in much thicker wool.  This time I have used double knitting wool/ 8 ply wool.  My daughter wanted some colourful socks and as the wool was so quick to knit up I made her two pairs.

I really got in the sock making mode and made another pair for me.

Toddler socks

While I am overseas I usually take some knitting or crochet with me to do in any spare time I may have.  This last trip I took some wool and needles to make a pair of socks. I obviously didn’t have much spare time as I only half finished one sock!  Since returning home I have finished the socks.

knitted socks 2

knitted socksSome of you may recognise the wool from the dress I knitted for my granddaughter.  I was attempting to use up leftover wool.  I still have enough wool left in this ball and a little in another ball to make another pair of socks.

The pattern was taken from a booklet I used when I used to knit socks occasionally for my dad.

sock patterns


Clafoutis but not the delicious dessert!

Clafoutis bed socksI had a request to knit a pair of bed socks for my younger daughter’s partner. He did have a pair of bed socks but they had accidentally become felted!  They had been in the washing machine but on the wrong cycle.

The pattern is one that I found on Ravelry and the pattern is free.  You can find it here.

The bed socks are knitted in Cleckheaton Countrywide which is a thick yarn and knitted on 5.5 needles this means that it is an extremely quick knit.


This was another Tour de France project.