Different socks

I have done some sock knitting in the past few months and the socks I have knitted have been a bit different to those I usually knit. These are the usual socks I knit which are 4ply and from a multicoloured ball of wool. This time I knitted some 8ply socks for my grandson.  He…

Colder weather needs warm socks

Those of you who know me will realise that I have been watching cycling and most recently cricket on the television because that is when I produce most of my knitting.  I have been on a roll with sock knitting recently having knitted socks for both of our daughters and a pair for my son-in-law….

A bit of “cricket” knitting

This is the first pair of socks knitted during the recent cricket test against India.  The second pair was knitted using up left over wool from other socks I have knitted. I also knitted a couple of dishcloths using some left over cotton that I had. I am still in the process of making up…

More bedsocks

I bought the wool for the main part of the socks so the only stash wool used was the little bit for heel, toe and cuff.  These socks knit up much quicker than my usual pattern which is done in 4 ply, these are 8 ply.  

Some creative projects that have taken place.

Since last posting before Christmas and the following bushfires I have managed to do a little bit of creating.  I have been knitting socks as they are an easily transported activity that doesn’t take up much room as it is one ball of wool and four needles. I have managed to complete two pairs of…


I have been knitting socks during the cricket and now the rugby.  I stopped half way through in order to make some golf club covers but I then went back to the socks.The wool was a delight to knit with and I think I will use this brand another time.