Inspired by another blogger

One of the blogs I follow is Fadanista.  The outfits she makes are fantastic and such a variety.  She has inspired me to do more sewing for me.  I loved a post she did on the Geodesic sweater and decided I would give it a try.  I bought the pattern from Blueprintsfor sewing and downloaded the PDF pattern.

I made version 2.  If you check out Fadanista’s blog you will read that she mentions having a bit of an issue with matching up the points of the triangles, well I had the same issue.  I think if I make this pattern again I will use a finer fabric rather than sweatshirt fabric.

The pattern is complex and I did do a fair amount of unpicking but in the end I was pleased with the finished result.  The photos don’t show the actual colour but you get the general idea.  I would also add extra length to the sleeves on my next version.This is the pocket detail.

This has been long in the making, finished at last

I first posted about this piece of knitting way back in October 2013. It is from the Panda Kids Knits Volume 3.jumperThis is before I had put on the buttons.  As is usually the case, I have heaps of buttons but never the right ones for the job in hand.  I had to go out and buy three buttons.

buttons I like the split sides of this jumper.

side splitI have now started on another project to use up some of my scrap balls of wool. I am making this one up as I go along so it will be interesting to see how it turns out



Probably my last bit of knitting for a while..I feel some sewing coming on

I finished this jumper a couple of weeks ago.  Technically it isn’t quite finished as I still have to attach the sleeves!

jumperI had issues with the amount of wool I had as I have been trying to use up wool that is in my stash. The variegated wool was from the Jolly Jumbuck shop when it was closing down and my intention was to knit the whole jumper in that wool.  (The Jolly Jumbuck is now an online shop.) I realised once I finished the body of the jumper  there was no way I was going to have enough wool.
sleevesThe photos are not true to colour. I then knitted the cuffs of the sleeves in a navy, also from the Jolly Jumbuck, and I thought if I did the collar the same it wouldn’t look too bad.  When I was nearing the end of the second sleeve I realised I still didn’t have sufficient wool so I then had to resort to unravelling the body of the jumper.

unravellingI haven’t done this before but there were excellent instructions on how to do so on the internet. I first read about it on a blog post titled  “Length reassignment surgery!”

I unravelled the bottom band and then knitted the bottom cuff in navy to match the collar and cuffs.

bottom bandI am quite delighted with how it worked out. In fact I think I prefer the contrasting bands.  The pattern is from Patons Book 8004.

pattern book