A great find

When I went to drop off some articles at the Salvation Army store I spotted this beautiful teapot.I recognised that it was an Arabia teapot and I know they cost a great deal of money when new.

This ebay seller is asking $110.  I paid $5 for my tea pot.  Guaranteed it has two chips on the infuser but this is not seen when the lid is on the teapot. What a bargain. I love it.


Twinings tea tins are they worth anything? I don’t think so.

We have been Twinings tea drinkers for many, many years and when we were first married we bought Twinings tea in tins and have kept those tins.  I was reminded of this when Lorna, of Tearoom Delights did a post about Twinings Yunnan tea.  I noticed the number of Twinings teas in her tea cupboard and it prompted me to have a closer look at our tea cupboard.

tea cupboard

Twinings produce a great variety of teas but availability varies depending on which country you live in.  Some of the teas we used to be able to get are no longer available.  I guess they do market research and only market the popular ones.

The reason I mentioned the Twinings tins is that the tins that are available now are very different to these “ancient” ones you see here.

We keep three tins on our kitchen window sill as these are the ones that are used most frequently.  The others are kept in the cupboard.

tea tins 2My husband is the tea connoisseur.  I am the one who drinks the English Breakfast, Blackcurrant and Lemon Scented.

I thought the tins might be worth something as they are no longer made like this but I have discovered that you can pick them up at markets or op shops for as little as $1.

At the Twinings Australian website you can view the tins that are available today.

Twinings tins website

You might like to have a look at the Twinings tea tin collection of Stano Breja.  Now that is a collection of tea tins!

Lorna and Virtual Vegan Potluck

One of the blogs that I follow is Lorna’s Tearoom Delights – enjoying tea and tearooms around Scotland.  Her most recent post is about a Virtual Vegan Potluck in which she has participated.  From Lorna’s blog I followed the links to the website and found that Lorna had contributed Chai Tea to the Pot Luck menu.  She has written about it here if you would like to find out what it is about.She describes the chai teas that she became familiar with in Pakistan and she mentions Clipper Chai Tea.  The name rang a bell with me and when I checked my tea cupboard, there it was.  My son had given me this particular Chai Tea as part of my birthday gift.  He certainly knows his teas! Good one James.