What to do with e-waste.

We recently discovered that for the month of June our local council will take all e-waste without a charge to the resident as long as you deposit it at a local drop off point.

The reason I mention this is the fact that my husband has collected computers as a hobby for many years but since moving to our present residence the collection has remained largely untouched in our back shed.  I managed to convince him that now would be a good time to get rid of it rather than leaving it for our offspring to get rid of when we are no longer able to.

You can see by the amount in the back of the ute how much stuff he had.  This is only some of the gear, we will need to do a second trip.  By getting in the back shed it made me look at some of the other gear that is in there and it prompted further culling of the contents of the shed.  I have several items ready to take to the charity shops now.

I should mention that I now have some empty boxes that my husband no longer has a need for so I will need to find things to put in them! I do have lots of wool in my stash so I will be able to sort the wool into various categories in the recycled boxes. 🙂

Too many choices!

Last night I had such a dilemma as there were too many choices of sport on television!  I was interested in:

the rugby, All Blacks versus Argentina

Tour de France- Stage 13

Test 2 The Ashes –

Fortunately the rugby was on earlier than either the cycling or the cricket so I was able to watch that first.  It was a cracking game and Argentina were certainly no push over even though the All Blacks won 39-18.

I then crossed over to the cricket and watched Rogers and Smith continue with their successful batting of the previous day.  It was great to see Smith achieve a double century.

double picture

Now I know how to get two images on the television I can watch both the cricket and cycling at the same time and when there is a crucial part in the broadcast I can make that one the main screen.  Ah the wonders of technology!

Last night I didn’t get to bed until after 3.00am as I stayed up after the Tour Stage finished so that I could watch the Australian bowlers do their thing.  Certainly a much better effort than the first test.

September has finished, now where did it go?

I find it hard to believe that we are already in October.  I can’t think what happened to September but it doesn’t feel as if it really happened.  I guess when you are busy enjoying yourself the time really flies. I managed to fit in two trips to Melbourne and Canberra during the month.

Did I get many historical fiction books read in September? I managed three for the challenge but I also read a few others in crime fiction.  I have completed 28 in the historical fiction challenge so far.

On my trip to Melbourne I was listening to an audio book by Lynda La Plante. . .Backlash. It is a great way to make the trip go quickly while listening to the story.  Unfortunately there was something wrong with the CD player in the car and I only got to disk 5 at which point the disk got stuck in the player!

When I reached home I was able to listen to the remaining disks on a player at home and discovered that I am not someone who can sit still to listen to a book.  I need to be doing something else at the same time.  I just can’t sit still unless my hands are occupied too, eg knitting or crocheting.  I am fine if I am holding on to an actual book but that isn’t possible with an audio book. Anyway I finished the book and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I was about to head off to the auto electricians to see if he could get the disk out of the car CD player when I thought I would try to eject it once more.  Thankfully the disk came out.  The audio book was from the library so it was imperative that I retrieved the disk.

I won’t be listening to any more CD audio books I will download them onto my phone using Borrowbox that way no CDs can get stuck in the car player.



The DRS and at last some cricket to smile about


The third Test in the Ashes series is underway and last night, Australian time, Australia finally managed to get some runs on the board, although it was not without controversy.  I do not understand why they are using the DRS system when it is not being used in the manner intended.  I am no expert on cricket but even blind Freddy could see that the first DRS decision was blatantly wrong.  Later in the innings a second DRS decision was incorrect.  Why persist with this method when I am sure most people would be happy to accept the field umpire’s decision in the first place, particularly if we continue to have questionable DRS decisions.  The whole point of the DRS was to ensure that the umpire had not made the wrong decision in those cases where it was marginal.


This newspaper article gives you more detail about the DRS system and the controversy surrounding it.  In the meantime I am glad I am not an umpire as it must be so difficult to make a decision when you don’t have the benefit of slow motion replay and hawk-eye.  Oh wait a minute isn’t that what the third umpire has? 🙂


There is an excellent explanation of how hawk-eye works at this website.