Tuesday Travels. . . A Canberra attraction that is often missed by tourists

Canberra, as our nation’s capital, has many attractions for the tourists but one which is perhaps not as well known as the others is the National Archives. . . . “We are the nation’s memory – a living collection of government records illuminating our history and identity.”

It is an unprepossessing building which in its former life housed government offices and was a post office. You can read its history on the red sign shown in the photo.

The Archives building is hidden away to the back and left of old Parliament House.  It is in the Parliamentary triangle so is within easy access of the Parliament buildings, the Art Gallery, the Portrait Gallery, the High Court and Questacon – Science and Technology Centre. . . . . . .all worth a visit.

It had been a while since we had last been there so decided to pay a visit.  There was an excellent exhibition on the life of Gough Whitlam, one of our previous prime ministers.  The archives has much to commend it and I suggest you take a quick look at the National Archives of Australia website to get some idea of what to expect if you decide to visit.

I have used the online facility to research my family’s arrival in Australia.  You can get copies of documents and can make use of the reading room.  My younger daughter was able to get copies of the Defence service record of her grandpa who served on the Kokoda Track in World War 2.



Tuesday travels. . . Castle Howard

While staying in Yorkshire we took the opportunity to visit Castle Howard.front entranceThis magnificent building has been home to the Howard family for over 300 years and is set in magnificent grounds.  You may recognise it from the 1981 television series, Brideshead Revisited.


A more recent version of Brideshead Revisited was made as a film in 2009.

recent filmThe grounds in which the castle is set are magnificent and you can approach the house from several directions.  The view below is of one side entrance.back entrance

The story of Castle Howard can be seen in this video.

view from the gardenThis shot had to be taken behind the hedge as there were lots of tents in front of the castle. The castle and grounds are used as a wedding venue and proves to be very popular for musical events as well.

walled gardenInside the walled garden.

fountainA fountain very much in the style of Versailles.

painted ceilingThis looks real but is a painted ceiling.

domeThe dome that was destroyed by fire and was rebuilt.

not for the dishwasherSome priceless dinnerware, not for the dishwasher.

We had a wonderful tour through the house and were amazed at the various ancient artifacts on display.


A timeline of events, click on the picture to enable zoom for reading. Interesting to see the events at Castle Howard in relation to events in the world.

Castle Howard is a tourist attraction that is well worth going out of your way to see.