When your body aches. . . .

We have all at some stage had a body that aches somewhere.  This particular book is one that explains what particular aches might be and what might have caused the ache.  It also offers some remedies.  You can look up particular parts of the body and find out what the pain is or might be. eg if you have a pain in your calf or in your elbow.

When Your Body Aches presents solutions to 100 most common sources of pain in bones, joints and muscles: from sprains, bruises and breaks to arthritis and osteoporosis.  If you work out, play sports, are the parent of a child with “growing pains” or are feeling the effects of an ageing body, this book offers practical advice on how to be pain-free.  This book is an essential guide for the health and wellbeing of you and your family.

Again this was an easy read, well set out and easy to find the sections that you wanted to refer to.  I did read the whole book but it would be a handy book to have if you wanted to look up a specific ache that you had.  I will just pop down to the library and check it out there!  Assuming that the book is not out on loan. 🙂

When your body aches