Second version

This was the first version I made of this particular top.

I have now made a second version but this time it is version A.  I used a teeshirt fabric which was much more flexible/drapey than the previous fabric used, in fact I think it was a bit too flexible so next time I will use a fabric with a structure in between the two.

The neckline was tricky to get to lie flat but my daughter suggested I top stitch it which I think I will now do.

I used a twin needle to finish the hemline.  I will use the twin needle on the neckline too.  In the photo it looks like black thread but it was navy.

Updating my patterns

I haven’t bought patterns for myself in a long, long time so when Spotlight had a sale on patterns recently I bought a couple for myself.  This vogue pattern is one of them.

My younger daughter used the pattern to make a top while she was staying here and it looked good so I thought I would give it a go and make myself one.

I made top B but all in one fabric rather than two contrasting fabrics.  I think you really need the two contrasting fabrics to show the make up of the top.

The back is longer than the front and is pleated.

I used a fabric that is a bit too stiff so next time I will make it with a fabric that drapes more easily.  I had bought the fabric as a practice run because the cost was minimal.

Bargain.  I will certainly make it again but with a higher quality fabric.