Some clever carpentry by a clever granddaughter

This lovely little table was made by our granddaughter.  She made it at school and it was being kept secretly so that she could give it to her mother as a surprise for Christmas.  It is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship made with beautiful wood.  This granddaughter is the one that made me the lovely…

A handmade gift for my birthday

My birthday is on Boxing Day so it is at that busy time of the year but I never get forgotten.  One of the gifts I received this birthday was this lovely handmade one. I had seen the glass vases in Ikea when I was there with my daughter and I had said that I…

What is this you may ask?

Our three children are all creative and this creation is amazing.  Our son made this in his apartment, he doesn’t have a shed so all the work was done either in his courtyard or in his kitchen!  What he has made is a Japanese soaking tub. This website tells you all about Japanese soaking tubs….

The woodchopper, a whirligig for the garden

We were very surprised to receive this gift from my younger daughter’s partner’s father. When we were last in Canberra we had admired a wind driven woodchopper he had made for my daughter and unknown to us he decided to make one for us too. The whimsy of the chopper reminds me of my childhood…

Attempting woodwork in some form!

My father was an awesome carpenter.  He built my sister her dining table and chairs.  He built a dining table for me from an old wardrobe and some tank-stand timber.  He built, for each member of the family, many things whether they were toys or coffee tables, money boxes or hall tables, picture frames or stools….