Strips of colour or chevrons

A while ago I crocheted a chevron rug for my daughter.  I used wool that I had frogged from a jumper and then bought the contrasting wool.

I was delighted when my son said he would be happy if I made him a lap rug using up scraps of wool.  He normally doesn’t ask for me to knit anything for him so I jumped at this idea.  I decided I would crochet a chevron rug as it is easy to do, no thinking required while I watch the cricket.

As soon as I arrived home I checked out the pile of left-over wool and pulled out a few colours that I thought would go together ok.

I was sorting through my 8ply box but when I finished the rug I found that I had inadvertently put in some wool that was not 8ply.  I don’t think it makes too much of a difference and the finished rug looks ok.

The pale grey is the non 8ply. You can see that the chevron is narrower.

I am happy with the result.

Slowly reducing left over wool.

Just before Easter i asked my younger daughter if she had a knitting project I could do as I needed something major to get my teeth into rather than small projects.  She said I could knit some bedsocks for my eldest granddaughter while she thought of a big project I could do for her.

As you know I have lots of small quantities of left over wool so I was able to quickly knit up a pair of bedsocks before they arrived to spend Easter with us.

I have used this booklet many times now for various projects as the book has patterns where you can utilise small quantities of wool.

My granddaughter was delighted with the bedsocks.  Now her two sisters want bedsocks too.

I think I would call this a jester’s hat.

Using up the last of the white frogged wool.  I am not sure if my granddaughter will want to wear this one.  I used dark blue for the contrast because her sister supports Carlton AFL and that is their colours.

The pattern is from Cleckheaton 956.

Some quiet play in the house. . . it is possible.

crochet bagThis little bag is one of the pieces of craft I have completed recently.  I was making some crochet balls to use in the house so our granddaughter could practise her throwing.  Our grandson had used some Japanese juggling figures for throwing when he was little and I thought this would be good to add to the collection.

Japanese juggling ballsThe pattern is one I procured from the 2006, (it has taken me ten years to get around to making the pattern) and I can’t find it on the Internet now.  The pattern was by Nanabear97 and it was from Ravelry but is no longer there. If you would like a copy of the pattern just let me know and I will email you a copy.

crochet ballsThis pattern is great for using up small scraps of wool, the emphasis being on “small”.  I thought I would be reducing my stash but I have barely made a dent.  I will need to look for a bigger project.  I think some more doll’s clothes might use a bit more wool.


Scraps into little figures

woollen dollsJust trying to use up some of my left-over wool.  Unfortunately it doesn’t use much wool so I think I will be making a few.

About thirty years ago I made dolls like these for an orphanage in the Philippines.  I came across the pattern when I was having a bit of a tidy up in my work room – that is how I happen to have made them again.knitted dolls 2These two are not complete.  The arms and legs are formed by stitching through the stuffed dolls.  You can see that the size varies depending on the type of wool used and the amount of stuffing inserted.

The pattern I used was a hand written one which I must have copied from a book at some stage.  The creator of the pattern was Gwen Merrill and I did a search on the internet and found the name of the book on Ravelry

Family Circle Dolls and Cuddly ToysThe book is no longer in print but you can find copies on ebay or maybe at your local library.


Another doll outfit but the stash is not much smaller

The Big Bash cricket has finished so there will be very little knitting done until the T20 series in New Zealand.  As you know I have been trying to get rid of my stash of wool which consists mainly of the odd one or two balls in a particular colour or ply.  The projects need to be small or something that makes use of many colours.  The dolls knitting book that I bought has meant that I have been able to use some of the wool for those projects

This is the last project I finished.

knitted doll clothingI am making a collection of clothing for my granddaughter who received a lovely doll as a Christmas present.  I will get a couple of outfits made in time for her birthday in June.

I have now started on a fair isle outfit

ski outfit

but after making the leggings I discovered I had insufficient wool to complete the outfit so had to go out and buy another ball of wool!  Sort of defeated the purpose of eliminating the stash.