A bit of frogging took place.

I knitted this jumper many, many years ago and the time has come for it to be recycled.

The pattern was knitted at a time when things were loose and bulky and that look is definitely not in anymore.

The jumper looks dirty in the photo but it was just shadows. The colour is also not true as it is a denim blue colour.

I have now frogged the jumper and just need to wash it in skeins and then start another project.

I am not sure what I will knit.  Perhaps I will use the wool as the border for the crocheted hexagon rug I plan to make with all my left over bits of wool.

Memories of mum

I was doing some wool winding yesterday and as I was doing the winding it brought back memories of standing, as a child, with my arms out so my mum could wind her balls of wool.  I have no memory of what she knitted but the arms out is indeed a strong memory.

I have no child at home to hold out their arms so I improvised with two dining chairs.Nowadays they have gadgets for winding wool but I don’t have any of those.

You could have a “yarn swift” – that is what you use instead of two good arms or chair backs.

It looks like a folded umbrella.  The size adjusts to fit various sizes of yarn skeins.

Yarn swifts come in various forms.  This next one is based on the Amish swift.

The pegs are moved to adjust the size of the yarn skeins.

Yarn winders can be expensive if you want to splash out and purchase an electric one.I would rather be in control of my yarn winding and if I purchased one it would be a manual winder.

I don’t have many hanks in my stash, in fact the only hanks I have have been given to me by my daughters.  The one I was winding yesterday was one that was left over from a jumper my daughter had knitted.

I have started a pair of socks with the left over wool.

Finished with different wool

I wrote previously about a shrug I was knitting for my daughter.  The shrug was one that she had started and didn’t have the time to finish.

I have finally finished the shrug but I was not happy with it.  I did not have enough wool to complete the project and could find no wool of a similar colour to finish it off.  I went with a tweed style wool for the border but I don’t like the finished result.  Fortunately my daughter is happy with it so that is good.  I think it would look so much nicer if it was all the same colour.

It is hard to get a photo to show how it looks if you don’t have someone inside the shrug!

Here is a picture of how it should look.The pattern was from Patons book 1255.

Look what arrived in the mail.

I can now start work on the actual jumper instead of swatches.  I had done a practice of the pattern with brioche stitch on either side of the large cable but was not happy with the result so unravelled it.

I then knitted it up with a single chain instead of brioche stitch and that is what I will do on the actual jumper as I found the brioche stitch was pulling up too much of the jumper as it is created over two rows.

The sample is on the brown cardigan which I am using as the basis for the pattern size.

When the wool parcel arrived I was delighted to find that the dyelot was the same as the two balls I had bought for trying out the pattern this meant that I could now just continue knitting rather than having to start afresh.  Bonus!

Progress so far.  I have reached the point to cast off to shape for inserting the raglan sleeves.

Oh dear, insufficient wool.

I posted previously about how I bought wool in Yarragon on my return home from Melbourne.  I have been slowly knitting the project mentioned, I am not enjoying the chunky wool, but last night I discovered that I have insufficient wool.

You can see that I am on the collar and there is not much further to go.  I checked on the internet to see if the woolshop had a website but unfortunately no.  I had no phone number either and all I could find was a Gumtree listing for the sale of the shop due to family issues.

I tried Ravelry to see if someone had a ball of this particular wool in their stash, for sale,  but again I was out of luck.  My last resort was to visit the wonderful little shop in Lakes Entrance, Stitches ‘n’ Things.  Karen was able to help me out by giving me the phone number of the Stockist for Katia yarns, Texyarns.

I rang them and was able to procure a ball of the said wool.  How lucky is that?  It won’t be the same dyelot but at least the vest will get finished.  Thank you Karen.

I think I would call this a jester’s hat.

Using up the last of the white frogged wool.  I am not sure if my granddaughter will want to wear this one.  I used dark blue for the contrast because her sister supports Carlton AFL and that is their colours.

The pattern is from Cleckheaton 956.