A bit of frogging took place.

I knitted this jumper many, many years ago and the time has come for it to be recycled.

The pattern was knitted at a time when things were loose and bulky and that look is definitely not in anymore.

The jumper looks dirty in the photo but it was just shadows. The colour is also not true as it is a denim blue colour.

I have now frogged the jumper and just need to wash it in skeins and then start another project.

I am not sure what I will knit.  Perhaps I will use the wool as the border for the crocheted hexagon rug I plan to make with all my left over bits of wool.

The most interesting little shop in Lakes

Stitches ‘N’ Things

I have no photo of the shop but it is only a tiny shop in the main street of Lakes Entrance.

Recently I made a return visit to this wonderful shop.  It is a treasure trove of all things you need for knitting, crochet and sewing, but not dressmaking patterns or dress fabric.  There is so much to see in this small shop.  It is crammed full of all you could possibly need.

The shop is run by Karen and she is a mine of information on all matters relating to the above mentioned hobbies.  I have asked her for assistance on several occasions and she willingly provides the answers.

I was visiting because I needed to purchase some wool for a project I am about to begin in readiness for winter.

I am using an old pattern I had and my stash doesn’t have enough of one colour to enable me to make this cardigan so I had to purchase some.

While I was there I saw the most beautiful crocheted baby’s jacket made out of cotton and even though I have no baby to knit for at the moment I know there are a couple of acquaintances that are expecting so I also bought the pattern for the jacket and the cotton to go with it.  I get trapped every time I go into this shop.

The pattern calls for merino and silk but the sample in the shop was made with this particular cotton and it looked magnificent.  It was in pink shades but I have chosen more sea/type colours.

Check out Karen’s website if you live in Australia she may be able to supply you with the things you need or things you didn’t know you needed.


Some quiet play in the house. . . it is possible.

crochet bagThis little bag is one of the pieces of craft I have completed recently.  I was making some crochet balls to use in the house so our granddaughter could practise her throwing.  Our grandson had used some Japanese juggling figures for throwing when he was little and I thought this would be good to add to the collection.

Japanese juggling ballsThe pattern is one I procured from the Internet.in 2006, (it has taken me ten years to get around to making the pattern) and I can’t find it on the Internet now.  The pattern was by Nanabear97 and it was from Ravelry but is no longer there. If you would like a copy of the pattern just let me know and I will email you a copy.

crochet ballsThis pattern is great for using up small scraps of wool, the emphasis being on “small”.  I thought I would be reducing my stash but I have barely made a dent.  I will need to look for a bigger project.  I think some more doll’s clothes might use a bit more wool.


Experimenting with colourwork in knitting

I am slowly reducing my stash of wool but still have a long way to go.  The difficulty is knowing what to make with the odd balls of wool as generally there is not enough of one colour to make a complete garment.

I have a Pinterest board for woolwork

Screen shot 2015-03-12 at 8.09.41 AM and one for yoke sweaters.
yoke sweatersI was interested in making a sweater completely on a round needle and using fair isle all the way up the sweater but I don’t have the confidence yet to try that so I thought I would give a cardigan a go and move on from there.

I found a fair isle pattern archive on Pinterest and I chose a classic high buttoning cardigan pattern and then worked out how I could fit in the fair isle pattern.

The pattern I chose was this one.

patternYou can see fro the markings on the paper that the pattern I used was the one on the right hand side.

grid pattern I transferred the pattern to grid paper so I would have a sheet I could mark as I went along.

I am happy with the finished product but I still have a lots of wool to use.

fair isle cardigan

The buttons are rather bright but they were in my stash so I put them to use.


Purlsoho or Purlbee have you heard of either?

My elder daughter pointed me in the direction of Purlbee as she knew how I enjoyed looking for new knitting patterns and beautiful wool. Purlbee is just the site for that. A World of Inspiration: The Purl Bee, Created for You by Purl Soho 

The reason I mention this is I have just completed a jumper from a Purlsoho pattern. I first spotted the pattern on Pinterest as I follow The Purl Bee there. The pattern is called Bobble Yoke sweater.

Purlsoho site

We really only have one wool shop close to where I live and the wool required for this pattern was not available there so I had to wait until my recent trip to Melbourne to purchase the correct wool for the pattern from Morris and Sons.  You can tell from this that this particular exercise didn’t help to diminish my wool stash. 🙂

The pattern is knitted from the neck down on a circular needle.  I have knitted many items on circular needles but this is the first time I have knitted from the neck down.

neck down yokeThe pattern starts with two strands of 2ply cashmere and then moves to one strand of 4 ply with one strand of cashmere.  The bobble is done only with the strand of 4 ply.  The remainder of the jumper is with 2 strands of 4 ply.

I really enjoyed knitting this jumper as it was quick to complete.  The only part I am not too sure about is the neckband which appears a bit flimsy for my liking.

bobble yoke sweater

Trying to reduce my stash.

This pattern makes use of single balls of wool so it was ideal for reducing my stash.

Patons patternWhen I say single balls of wool that is only for the two contrast colours.  The main colour required several balls and the first contrast required three balls.  I was still able to use all wool taken from the stash.  The white wool I used was taken from a frogged jumper.  The colours I have used are pastels rather than the bright of the pattern illustration but I am happy with the combination.

in progressI still have quite a bit to do but I am enjoying this pattern.  The only disadvantage is that there will be a lot of sewing in to do when I am finished knitting.

girl's cardigan