A shirt from an old pattern I had used in times long gone

I had bought this fabric when I bought the Ikat fabric and I thought I would make a shirt dress with it but then decided I would just make a shirt.  I had a pattern I had used many years ago and so cut out the fabric using that pattern.

It was all going beautifully until I came to the part where it said try the shirt on as you may need to adjust the side seams as the shirt pattern is in a full style.  I tried the shirt on and it literally floated on me.  I knew I would need to do some serious adjustments.  I have obviously changed shape since I last made this shirt and the floppy style is no longer my style.

I had to adjust the  side seams by at least 3 cms on each side seam and that was a huge amount of fabric.  If I use this pattern again I will make it in a smaller size but I think I will probably just buy a new shirt pattern that will be in the modern style.

Where did you get that hat?

We recently had one of our granddaughters visiting us and we enjoyed seeing her unbridled enthusiasm.

I know I love visiting Spotlight, our local haberdashery store, but our granddaughter took us to parts of the store that I haven’t ventured into.  She loved all the bright shiny things and was carrying around her pretend money as if she was doing her shopping.  She kept her grandpa amused as he was in charge while my daughter and I checked out the fabrics.

She returned wearing this fetching little number.

Do you like my hat?I love it when our children and grandchildren visit.  I am blessed.

The Victoria and Albert Museum. . . . . . Tuesday Travels

The first year we visited London in 2003 we were only there for a few days and we managed to cram lots of tourist activities into that time.  One of the museums that we didn’t manage to visit was the V&A so I put that to right this time around.  While based in Swindon I caught the train to London and found my way to the museum without any bother.

I had allocated the full day to the museum as I knew I would need it.  I was certainly not disappointed that I had allowed that much time.  The museum has so much to see and the only disappointment was that the furniture gallery was closed for the day and that was one of the galleries I was interested in viewing.  I will need to make a return visit one day!

One of the exhibitions that was being held was Undressed – a brief history of underwear.

UndressedThe exhibition was inclusive of dress as well as underwear so there was a great deal to see.

The cast courts you can read about here if you click on the picture.  Amazing that some of these casts are the only life size replicas of items that have been damaged or destroyed.

plaster galleryTrajan's Column AD 113The Hereford Screen is a wonderful example of the restoration work done for the museum. Hereford ScreenExamples of the state of the parts of the screen before restoration were on display.

pre-restorationThe theatre and performance galleries were a delight to browse through.  I loved that I was able to see a model of the scenery for the musical Matilda and the costume for the lead singer of Adam and the Ants.

MatildaAdam's costumeAdam and the AntsIt was great to see a nod to a part of Melbourne in the architecture section.Nice to see a bit about Melbourne! In the glassware gallery some Iittalia glassware which was very popular around the time we were married.  We still have two sets of glasses intact.

Iittalia glasswareI finished off my trip with lunch in the cafe.  It was a beautiful day and many families were enjoying the sunshine in the courtyard.

V&AWhen in London a visit to the V&A is a must on your list.