A blast from the past

When we were recently in Sydney we were staying with my brother and his wife.  My sister-in-law brought an item out of her wardrobe to show me.  I was amazed that she had kept this item for so long.  It must be at least forty years old!

ponchoA very simple crocheted poncho.  I have no idea where I got the pattern but it looks like it is a granny square without the centre.  Great that she kept it for so long.

Tour de France and a finished jumper

Those of you who have followed my blog for a few years will know that the Tour de France is a time when I head off to bed at about 1.30 in the morning.  The Tour starts on television about 10.00pm each evening and I am couch bound until 1.30.  During the Tour is when I get a great deal of knitting done, as previous posts about the Tour will let you see what items I have completed in previous years.

This year I had already started a  project and I have actually finished it and there is still at least a week left of the Tour.  I will need to start another project!

The item I have finished is a fisherman’s rib jumper for my grandson. fisherman's rib

I got the pattern book for 30cents at a thrift shop and the wool was frogged wool from The Jolly Jumbuck when it was closing down.  The wool was a real bargain.  The Jolly Jumbuck no longer operates a shop front but you can buy wool from their website.

fisherman's rib jumperI’m not too sure how the frogged wool will wash with the non-frogged stripe but hopefully it will be ok.  The colours are for his AFL team Carlton.

jumperIt will certainly be warm as it is a heavy jumper.

My stash is slowly going down.

Goldilocks and five little ducks

I have been doing a little bit of craft work recently in preparation for a trip overseas.  I am heading off to the UK and I have been making some items to help keep my granddaughter amused on the long plane flight.

Goldilocks and the three bearsGoldilocks and the three bears as finger puppets.

five little ducksFive little ducks went out one day, over the hills and far away.  Mother duck said “Quack, quack, quack, quack.” Only four little ducks came back.  etc.

It proves that if you keep your craft bits and pieces long enough they will come in useful again one day.  I originally had the felt and squiggly eyes from when I taught children in primary school many, many years ago.  I still had the patterns for the various puppets.

There’s a bear in there…….

Playschool windowsThose who grew up in Australia in the recent past will no doubt be familiar with the first line of this song.  The song is the opening tune for Playschool shown on ABC television.

The programme is still showing today all be it with different presenters.  I have many happy memories of watching Playschool with my kids.

This year is the 50th anniversary of Playschool and there was an exhibition at the National Museum. It was lovely to see some of the memorabilia from the show and to relive some of the moments.

the rocket clockThe rocket clock shown before the story telling.

flower clockThe flower clock, I can’t remember if it was before or after the rocket clock came into being.

some of the presentersHere are just some of the presenters, my favourites were John Hamblin and Noni Hazelhurst.  It is great to see that this show still has a loyal following today.

Jemimah is the rag doll in Playschool and she has had clothing for all occasions.

Jemimah's clothingI made each of my children a doll like Jemimah.  The first one was Jemimah and the other two were Josephine and Jeremy.  My latest granddaughter’s doll is called Jasmine.

my granddaughter knew what to do at the exhibition.My granddaughter knew what to do with this part of the exhibition.

No Playschool would be complete without Bananas in Pyjamas.

bananas in pyjamasAre you someone who has watched Playschool either as a parent, grandparent or child?

A wet woolly wombat

We have had quite a bit of rain here recently.  There have been flood alerts for twelve rivers in the area.  We were heading in to Bairnsdale today but had to turn back at the Patties Pie factory as the road was what you would call rather congested.  I think if we had been prepared to wait we would have got through but we decided just to turn around and go home.

On our way to Bairnsdale we stopped at Swan Reach as the Tambo River was in flood and I wanted to take a few pictures. I think the river access is a little closer than this sign would have us believe.

Tambo river at Swan ReachWhile we were there we saw a very wet wombat, who had obviously had to find a place of refuge as his burrow must have been flooded.

IMG_4834He was heading for higher ground and I later found him hunkered down just near the roadway, I think he was trying to look invisible!

wet wombatThe river was certainly up and the jetty was under water, with the exception of the solar panel.

Swan Reach jettyFurther rain is expected tonight so no doubt the river levels will continue to rise.

TamboOn my walk this afternoon I came across this little fellow.

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A completed brioche work.

I have finished the second version of Stella which I told you about in a recent post.

brioche dressThe dress will look much better when it is on my granddaughter as it just looks like a tube when laid out on the floor.

brioche dress 2The difficulty with the previous version was that the neckline was too tight but I think I have overcome that issue this time, thanks to Karen at Stitches ‘n Things.  Karen kindly gave me the instructions for doing an extra stretchy cast off.  I have done that on this version so hopefully it will easily get over my granddaughter’s head.

stretchy cast off

Plants that are passed on provide many memories

kitchen window viewThe view from our kitchen window is particularly beautiful during autumn, thanks to the Japanese maple near the water feature.  We are actually in winter now but some trees still have their autumn foliage.

maple 2We had a beautiful Japanese maple at our previous house and the tree had been given to us from one of my colleagues at work.  That tree provided us with many years of beautiful autumn colours before we moved to Metung.

autumn foliageThis particular tree in Metung was grown from a seedling which grew from leaf litter that my sister and brother-in-law gave us.  They had a lovely Japanese maple in their garden in Canberra and in autumn they would give us bags of leaf litter to put on the poor soil in our garden in Bywong.  We took one of the self sown seedlings from the leaf litter and potted it up to take with us when we moved to Metung.  We also have three more maples which have come from our daughter in Canberra.  I think they also may have started off as leaf litter from my sister.  I will need to ask my daughter next time we visit.