A surprise parcel.. . . .an unusual advent calendar

I walked down to the post office to collect the mail earlier this week.  I was assuming there would be very little there, probably only a letter if anything.  I was wrong.  There were several parcels along with a couple of letters so I had quite a bundle to carry home.

I had been expecting a delivery of books but knew they would only come in dribs and drabs as they were from various sources.  Two of the parcels were books but the third parcel was much larger. It was an early birthday present from one of my daughters.  It is an Advent calendar produced by L’Occitane.  My daughter must have been watching me when we last visited her in Canberra and we were shopping.  We stopped at the L’Occitane shop and I had remarked on what a terrific idea this was to get to sample various products from their range.  I already use one of their handcreams and have used a couple of their other products.  My daughter obviously took note of my comments and has sent me this wonderful gift for my birthday.  It is ideal as it leads all the way up to my birthday which is the day after Christmas.  I love it.

Tuesday travels. . .Cruachan, Loch Awe and the Pass of Brander

On our trip to Oban from Dullatur we passed this loch, which is Loch Awe, and we made an impromptu turn into the layby.  We were surprised to find that close by was a Hydro Power station that included a visitors’ centre. The Cruachan Visitors Centre proved to be a worthwhile stop.  We were there at the right time for one of the guided tours which was very informative.  You had to board a small bus to be driven into the “hollow mountain” and to view the working part of the power station.

After our tour we visited the cafe and had a delicious lunch.

There is a beautiful view of the loch from the cafe. There is also a great view from the layby.

It is always pleasing when you come across information boards at locations.  Robert the Bruce defeated John MacDougall of Lorne, a supporter of Edward II, at the Battle of the Pass of Brander in 1308, two years after Bruce had been crowned King of Scotland.  He was trying to establish his position in Scotland by defeating supporters of Edward, King of England.

This was an unplanned stop on our travels that was well worth it.

New bedsocks as a replacement

One of my granddaughters sent me a text message that included a photo of the bedsocks I had knitted previously for her.

As it was I found the pattern I had used and had recorded the wool I had used so it was an easy matter to make her a new pair.  I will still teach her how to patch the old socks when she comes to visit at Christmas time.

Darning was one of the skills we learnt at Girl Guides.  I wonder do many people still darn items.


Finished with different wool

I wrote previously about a shrug I was knitting for my daughter.  The shrug was one that she had started and didn’t have the time to finish.

I have finally finished the shrug but I was not happy with it.  I did not have enough wool to complete the project and could find no wool of a similar colour to finish it off.  I went with a tweed style wool for the border but I don’t like the finished result.  Fortunately my daughter is happy with it so that is good.  I think it would look so much nicer if it was all the same colour.

It is hard to get a photo to show how it looks if you don’t have someone inside the shrug!

Here is a picture of how it should look.The pattern was from Patons book 1255.

Books bought as a present to me from me.

Three Things about Elsie by Joanna Cannon.

I am not sure where I read a review of this book but it was encouragement enough for me to buy it.  I am so glad I did.

“There are three things you should know about Elsie. The first thing is that she is my best friend. The second is that she always knows what to say to make me feel better.  And the third thing. . . . might take a bit more explaining.”

84 year old Florence had fallen in her flat at Cherry Tree Home for the Elderly.  As she waits to be rescued, she considers the charming new resident who looks exactly like a man she once knew – a man who died sixty years ago.  His arrival has stirred distant memories she and Elsie thought they’d laid to rest.  Lying prone in the front room, Florence wonders if a terrible secret from her past is about to come to light.

I was sucked in at the very beginning of this book and had no inkling of how it eventually ended.  It was quite a surprise.

I quote from Independent Ireland……….”There is much to enjoy in this tender, big-hearted read about events that shape us, and lessons to learn about growing old and learning to forgive.”

Work is underway

Yes, the demolition work is underway on the fire-damaged premises in Metung.  You can see the Lockwood sign in the background and that is where the real estate business has relocated.  The premises were the former Information Centre and a small retail outlet. That means at least one of the businesses affected is now up and operating.

The roof has been removed from the Nautica part of the complex and you can see the extent of the damage.The Bakery still has its roof but I am not sure if that is coming down as well.  The Bakery is relocating to vacant premises across the road.  The shop called Tallowwood used to be in the premises.  It is the white building with the drawn blinds.

It is great to see that things are moving quickly but there is no way it will all be completed in time for the influx of summer tourists.

The Metung Community is hoping that at least the bakery will be operating.