More produce from the garden

We managed to rescue most of our peaches from the peach tree this year.  We beat the birds and the netting meant we were able to get a good crop.

I have made a couple of batches of peach and vanilla jam.  We don’t eat much jam but our elder daughter’s family enjoys this particular jam so I make it mainly for them.

I put some of the jam into small breakfast jars so the children can have a little jar each.

We also had quite a few cucumbers this year so I have made some Bread and Butter Cucumbers.  These pickled cucumbers are delicious on a dry biscuit with cheddar cheese.

You can find the recipe on a previous post I wrote.

Bird life in the garden

Another aspect of gardening is using plants that will attract birdlife.  We have a large variety of birds in our garden but one species that is not attracted by flowers is the kookaburra.  The kookaburra likes small animals and insects.  We have a large population of skinks in the garden and the kookaburra would make use of them for food.  At the moment we have a couple of young kookaburras that are around the garden on a daily basis. We have a water feature out the back of the kitchen and we often see the young kookaburras making use of the water for washing or drinking.

The only type of bird that we see very few of are the small birds like wrens.  We have resident wattle birds in the garden and they are very territorial so chase away the smaller birds.  Hopefully when some of our native plantings get bigger there will be dense shrubbery for the smaller birds to hide.



The little tomatoes. . . .

I mentioned previously that this year I had only planted the small variety of tomatoes.  We have had a great crop and have been making good use of them.  We also had a great crop of zucchini and one of the zucchini grew to a huge size while we were away in Melbourne.  I have since learned that you can make zucchini noodles and I am now completely hooked on them  I have used the giant zucchini to make several meals of zucchini noodles.  The recipe I used was this one.  Do check it out.

We have basil in the garden as well as zucchini and I used the small tomatoes instead of two large tomatoes.  The noodles were made using our V-slicer.  So easy to do and the taste is terrific.

Food photography is not my bag but trust me, the food was fantastic.