A Tim Winton novel

This book was another buy from the Book Fair.  The book was published in 1994 but I had not read it.  The last Tim Winton book I read was Dirt Music, which I loved.  I loved this book too.

The book was shortlisted for the Booker Prize in 1995.  The prize was won by The Ghost Road by Pat Barker.

“Fred Scully waits at the arrival gate of an international airport, anxious to see his wife and seven-year-old daughter. After two years in Europe they are finally settling down. He sees a new life before them, a stable outlook, and a cottage in the Irish countryside that he’s renovated by hand. He’s waited, sweated on this reunion. He does not like to be alone – he’s that kind of man. The flight lands, the glass doors hiss open, and Scully’s life begins to go down in flames.”

It is difficult to review this book without giving away too much of the plot.  It is a beautifully written book and one that I would highly recommend.

You can find a detailed review here.


Nature in the garden

This incredible insect was resting on one of our outdoor chairs.I looks just like a eucalyptus leaf.

My husband did a bit of research in the internet and discovered that it is a childrens stick insect.

Its scientific name is Tropidoderus childrenii.  There are some beautiful photos on the internet.


Finally some finished objects

Not sure how many years ago I started this lap quilt but I have finally finished it.

I have also finished a jumper I was knitting for myself.  The knitting was finished a while ago but I kept putting off the sewing together of the pieces.  That project is now finished too.

The colour is washed out in this photo as it is brighter than this.

Happy to have completed these at last.

A $2 buy at the Book Fair

What a little gem this was, 160 pages.  It is only a small book and it can be read in a couple of hours but it was delightful. Philosophical musings on what makes a happy and fulfilled life.

“One of the bestselling authors of Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar travels to Greece with a suitcase full of philosophy books, seeking the best way to achieve a fulfilling old age.  Daniel Klein journeys to the Greek island Hydra to discover the secrets of aging happily. Drawing on the lives of his Greek friends, as well as philosophers ranging from Epicurus to Sartre, Klein learns to appreciate old age as a distinct and extraordinarily valuable stage of life. He uncovers simple pleasures that are uniquely available late in life, as well as headier pleasures that only a mature mind can fully appreciate. A travel book, a witty and accessible meditation, and an optimistic guide to living well, Travels with Epicurus is a delightful jaunt to the Aegean and through the terrain of old age led by a droll philosopher.

Klein provides a nudge to his readers to reflect and review one’s thoughts on “OLD AGE”, arguing that “it is to be embraced, savored and enjoyed as the stage of life that allows time for rumination, for simpler pleasures and for nurturing friendships.

Started working on my fabric stash

Yesterday I spent time in my sewing room actually doing some sewing.  I am going to make a concerted effort to diminish my stash of fabrics.  I have started off with a piece of fleece fabric which I bought I would say about six years ago.  I am not sure what I intended to make with it but this time I decided to make a hoodie top for one of my granddaughters.

I did have to go out and buy ribbing which cost very little so that was the only purchase that I needed.  I was able to complete the project in a few hours.

I am very happy with the result.  Now I will need to choose another piece of fabric and find another project.

This was the pattern I used.  I have had the pattern for at least twenty years.