Deconstruction and reconstruction

A while ago I made a cardigan for our youngest granddaughter.  I wrote about it here. It was a piece of crochet done while I watched cricket.

Recently, when visiting my younger daughter she asked me if I would be able to make the cardigan bigger again.  I had already added a row more of crochet squares to the original cardigan.  This time I thought I would take the cardigan apart and increase each of the squares by an extra round and that would make the cardigan large enough.  Our granddaughter is now one and this would be suitable for her at least until she is two.

crochet cardiganI have finished the squares so now I just need to join it all together.  It will be much bigger than the original.

Yummy Yorkshire

The first supermarket we went into in Yorkshire provided many surprises but the most amazing one was this one.

Milk?What more can be done to milk.  I prefer to have my milk in its natural form.

Yorkshire certainly provided us with many excellent food experiences.  The best one I would have to say was the bacon.  For some reason we seem to be unable to get decent bacon in Australia unless you have access to a butcher who cures his own, and they are few and far between.  The supermarket bacon in Australia is generally cut far too thick and it is rare that you can find a good streaky bacon.

We were spoilt for choice in Yorkshire.

baconPies are a speciality in Yorkshire and even those pies you can find in the supermarket are of the highest quality.

piesThe sausage rolls were also delicious.sausage rollYou couldn’t stay in Yorkshire without having a Sunday roast and we did this when we were at Hutton le Hole. The Yorkshire pudding was to die for.

roast dinner

One part of the food available in Yorkshire brought back childhood memories of growing up in Scotland in the 1950s.  This was the brand of bananas we had as children.

bananasWhen we left the UK our final meal was at Wagamama, something Japanese.


Three months worth of gardening!

The down side of being away is the fact that your garden keeps on going and so do the weeds! I now have to get the garden back into shape.  We were fortunate that our neighbour kept the outdoor pot plants watered so they were still alive when we got home.

Our vegie patch was looking very sad so I spent the first day fixing that up and planted a few things, all be it a  little late but hopefully we will get some produce.


Unfortunately our garlic hasn’t survived.  The tops are dead and there is very little growth on the bulbs.  I guess we should be thankful that there is anything there at all.


The strawberries are good

strawberriesbut the raspberries have turned up their toes.

dead raspberry canesI will need to get new canes from one of my daughters as I gave them canes when our raspberries were producing lots of canes.  The lack of consistent watering really does cause a problem with some aspects of the garden however we have a beautiful bougainvillea and lovely roses.




Sisters, granddaughters and birthdays

1st birthday

We went to Canberra to celebrate our youngest granddaughter’s first birthday.  Her birthday is a day before my eldest sister’s birthday.  My elder sisters both celebrated their birthdays this month with my eldest sister celebrating her 80th birthday which is quite a milestone.  She is a keen golfer and still plays golf twice a week if she is not away from home.  I am so lucky to have come from a large family and it is when you are away from family that you realise more than ever how lucky you are.

When our children were little they liked to choose their birthday cake from the Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book.


This is how iconic the book is in Australia:-

“The book was first published in 1980 and has sold more than half a million copies.  In response to all the requests we have had, often from mothers who remember fondly all the cakes from their own childhood, we have taken this book from our archives and reprinted it 30 years after it first appeared.  We have had to make a minor change – four of your little friends are missing but they’ve been replaced by other cakes you’ll love just as much.  Apart from that we’ve left it just as it was – a true collectors’ cookbook especially for you.  Now you can recreate your favourite cakes – the swimming pool, rocket and that train from the the cover for your own child.”

The number one has been used a few times over the years! Nice to see it used for our granddaughter.

1 Birthday cake



Cotton denim yarn

I usually take some form of craft with me when we go on holiday as I like to have something to do in the evenings or on wet weather days.  I do a great deal of reading on holiday but I also do knitting, sewing or crochet.  This holiday I took along a pattern and cotton to knit a jumper for one of my granddaughters. The pattern was taken from this book.

debbie blissThe jumper is one with a fairly complex pattern but once the rhythm of the pattern is established it is easy from there.

keeping my place


the jumper on the right

I chose a coloured cotton rather than white, figuring it wouldn’t mark quite so easily.

bliss jumperI didn’t quite get it finished while we were away but only had the sewing up and welts to do when we got home.  I am delighted with the result.


While we were on holiday I was fortunate enough to be in that part of the world where the Rugby World Cup was taking place.  This was a bonus for me, not that I was able to attend any of the matches, but that I was able to watch the games at a reasonable hour of the day and night.  People in Australia had to get up at some ungodly hour of the morning to watch the Wallabies play.

boulangerieOur village boulanger even got into the spirit.

The whole tournament was a feast of great rugby with many fantastic matches.  Two matches stand out for me.  One was the match between Scotland and the Wallabies, the other being Japan versus South Africa.  The first match was highly controversial in the final result and the second was a complete boil-over of the expected result.  One of the minnow teams in world rugby defeated one of the expected finalists.  The sheer joy in the Japanese team was a delight to watch.brave blossomss.m.h.

The Wallabies made the final only to be defeated by the All Blacks.

mccw pocock It was a fitting parting for two of the greats of rugby, Richie McCaw and Daniel Carter.  McCaw Carter

My player of the tournament was David Pocock.

This feast of rugby reinforced for me how much I miss being able to attend matches where I live.  It is three and a half hours minimum to get to matches to watch my Melbourne Rebels team so I only go occasionally.  At least I can watch them on television.

Happy Anniversary

Just before leaving on our holiday it was the fourth anniversary of my foray into blogging.  No wonder I felt as if I had lost my mojo!  I had no idea I had been blogging for such a long time.

Happy anniversaryJust to bring back some memories here is my first post:


Have I achieved what I set out to do? Yes.  I have loved blogging, particularly the number of wonderful people I have met through blogging. I have learned a great deal and no doubt will learn even more in the future.  I am just managing to keep pace with technology but by revisiting my initial post I can see that framing has taken a back seat in my life of late. I will need to make sure I do more picture framing in the future.  I also haven’t done much posting about Metung but hopefully I will put that to right in the future.

To all of you who read my blog I hope you continue to do so even if I don’t write as regularly as I used to.

Many thanks.