A bike ride at last.

The weather in these parts has not been marvelous recently but I thought I had picked a good day to go for a bike ride.  Unfortunately it turned out to be anything but good weather once I was on my bike.

I drove to the rail trail along a dirt road called Bruce’s Track and parked the car before setting off on the rail trail towards Nowa Nowa.  I had ridden as far as the trestle bridge on a previous ride but this time I was planning to reach Nowa Nowa.

There has been a great deal of burning off in the local forest and it looks bare compared to how it usually looks.

The greenery has started to come back but it still looks barren.

On the way to Nowa Nowa there is a trestle bridge which is no longer operational but on the other side of the valley there is a vantage point where there is a display of the history of the bridge.  It makes interesting reading.  You can click on the picture to enlarge it for reading.

205 miles from Melbourne or 350 km.

My bike ride was hard work on the return trip home as the wind had really picked up and it was a head wind but I managed to get back to the car before the really heavy rain started.


Wattle on my morning walk

Beautiful blossom.  I always think of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.

This is a piece of artwork by May Gibbs, the author of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.

If you don’t know of the book it is an old-fashioned favourite of children in Australia.

There is a link here to information and illustrations by May Gibbs.  Well worth a look although it may take a little time to load depending on your browser.

It isn’t summer but I have passionfruit

I have posted previously about how we had difficulty in finding a passionfruit plant that would grow in our garden but we eventually succeeded with Norfolk Island Black.

During the summer months we had flowers that did eventually turn into fruit but we are still waiting for them to ripen.  As you can see from the photo the fruit looks ok but the exterior is still green.  We are now in the last month of winter, maybe they will be ripe when we get more sun in the spring?  Any ideas on that?