So I obviously got my sewing mojo back

I enjoy sewing but I don’t seem to have enough time to get things done.  The last couple of days I have dedicated some time to get some sewing done so have managed to complete another item of clothing.

Burda patternThis is a pattern I have used previously but I am using fabric my younger daughter brought down quite some time ago for me to use.

windmill fabricShe also brought these fabrics

fabricsso I have been looking through my patterns to see if I have any suitable.

img_5700My elder daughter used this pattern many times for her daughter so I think I will make use of it for at least one of the fabrics.  You can see from the pattern that it is very old.  I used it when my daughters were the age of my granddaughters so the pattern is about thirty years old.


Two recent reads

I have finished reading Rod Laver a memoir and Parky my autobiography.  One book borrowed from my sister and the other from my older brother.

Rod Laver was given to me after I finished reading the Andre Agassi biography.  My sister thought that I would like to read the life story of another tennis great, this one Australian.

Rod LaverI enjoyed the book and learned a great deal about Rod Laver.  We have a tennis arena in Melbourne called the Rod Laver Arena,

Rod Laver Arenait is in the tennis complex used for the Australian Open Tennis Competition. I haven’t been to the Australian Open but my sister and my grandson have both been lucky enough to attend.  I am not as keen on watching tennis as I used to be and my sport watching now is devoted to rugby union, cycling and cricket.  I occasionally watch other sports but those are the main three.

Rod Laver’s memoir was interesting and he had a bit to say about the conduct of some of our modern day tennis players.  I couldn’t agree with him more.  I think Roger Federer is the modern tennis player most like Laver.  Laver was playing tennis in an era where Australia had many great tennis players, alas that era is long gone.

Parky, my autobiography was the second non-fiction read.

img_5660I have enjoyed watching a few of his television shows over the years and was interested to find out a bit about his life.  I had no idea that he was a good cricketer as well as being a sports writer. There were certainly details about his early years and the death of his mother later in the book but the book is mainly a chronology of the shows he did and the people he interviewed.  I guess if that is what he has done for most of his life that is what the biography will entail.  It was a very easy read.




Where did you get that hat?

We recently had one of our granddaughters visiting us and we enjoyed seeing her unbridled enthusiasm.

I know I love visiting Spotlight, our local haberdashery store, but our granddaughter took us to parts of the store that I haven’t ventured into.  She loved all the bright shiny things and was carrying around her pretend money as if she was doing her shopping.  She kept her grandpa amused as he was in charge while my daughter and I checked out the fabrics.

She returned wearing this fetching little number.

Do you like my hat?I love it when our children and grandchildren visit.  I am blessed.