Tour de France knitting


Again I am trying to use up some of my stash of wool. This time it is some four ply yarn that was bought for $2 a 50g ball.

I only have three balls so I hope it will be enough to complete the cardigan.

4 ply cardigan

I am happy with the way the pattern is turning out.  Not too complicated so I can still watch the cycling.


The pattern is from Patons Baby Yarns 3 & 4 ply Book 518.

Clafoutis but not the delicious dessert!

Clafoutis bed socksI had a request to knit a pair of bed socks for my younger daughter’s partner. He did have a pair of bed socks but they had accidentally become felted!  They had been in the washing machine but on the wrong cycle.

The pattern is one that I found on Ravelry and the pattern is free.  You can find it here.

The bed socks are knitted in Cleckheaton Countrywide which is a thick yarn and knitted on 5.5 needles this means that it is an extremely quick knit.


This was another Tour de France project.


Another Owlet

owletThose of you who follow this blog will know that when the Tour de France is on is when I get a great deal of knitting or crochet done.  This little item is one of the first ones finished this tour.  It is in big wool and for a one year old so it didn’t take long to do.

Baby Owlet 2I have knitted a few Owlet jumpers and really have the hang of them now and can whip it up quickly. You can find the pattern for this on Ravelry.  

If you haven’t heard of Kate Davies designs it is worth having a look at her website.  You might be inspired to take up some knitting yourself. Click on the picture to go to the website.

Kate Davies designs


Billabong walk

billabong 2On my walk today I thought I would take some pictures of a section of the walk I have been doing recently.

Billabong walkThis section is called The Billabong Walk. Most of you would have heard of a billabong from the song Waltzing Matilda where there is the line: “Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong under the shade of the coolibah tree”


Most of my walk is along footpaths but in this section the pathway is gravel.

There are beautiful plantings along the billabong pathway and many varieties of banksia.

Different varieties of wattle are also blooming at the moment.  I don’t know what the orange flowered creeper is but it is rambling around a pond and looks quite pretty.

Some Waltzing Matilda for your enjoyment!

Rugby/cricket followed by cycling/cricket

Once again I was spoilt for choice with my sport watching.

televised sportLast night I had a split screen with rugby and cricket then followed by cycling and cricket.  My sister reminded me that there was also golf from St Andrews, but I am not a follower of golf.  I did see pictures of a great deal of water on the course so St Andrews is living up to its reputation as a place of inclement weather!

The rugby was won by the Wallabies but South Africa deserved to win and were only beaten in the final minutes.  Australia were obviously trying out some new combinations in the team and hopefully there will be a more cohesive team by the time the World Cup comes around in September.

The cycling was not so exciting last night and the cricket had some rather controversial umpiring decisions.  Apart from that it was an enjoyable night’s viewing.

Tonight should be relatively calm with only cycling and cricket that I want to watch.

Needless to say that I haven’t done much reading over the past few days.





Too many choices!

Last night I had such a dilemma as there were too many choices of sport on television!  I was interested in:

the rugby, All Blacks versus Argentina

Tour de France- Stage 13

Test 2 The Ashes –

Fortunately the rugby was on earlier than either the cycling or the cricket so I was able to watch that first.  It was a cracking game and Argentina were certainly no push over even though the All Blacks won 39-18.

I then crossed over to the cricket and watched Rogers and Smith continue with their successful batting of the previous day.  It was great to see Smith achieve a double century.

double picture

Now I know how to get two images on the television I can watch both the cricket and cycling at the same time and when there is a crucial part in the broadcast I can make that one the main screen.  Ah the wonders of technology!

Last night I didn’t get to bed until after 3.00am as I stayed up after the Tour Stage finished so that I could watch the Australian bowlers do their thing.  Certainly a much better effort than the first test.