Growing ginger


I have tried a few times to grow ginger but have not been successful but I think this year I might have managed to do it.

If you check out ginger growing on the internet it seems as though it is an easy thing to do but I have obviously been doing something wrong or had the wrong growing conditions.  We had lots of rain this spring so that may be what made the difference.

This is our ginger plant.

I had dug up a bit of the root, maybe a month ago, but it didn’t smell like ginger so perhaps I had harvested too soon.  I pickled that bit of ginger and then waited to see if our plant was eventually going to flower.

Well, blow me down, it did eventually flower.

IMG_0897It is a rather insignificant flower but hopefully we will soon have root that smells like ginger.

IMG_0898I will keep you posted on the final result.

This is from an American website but the method is the same for Australia.Screen Shot 2023-01-29 at 4.28.33 pm

I now just need to wait for the leaves to dry out and the stems to fall over.


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