Olives are now bottled

These are the green olives from our olive harvest.  They had to be kept soaking for a few more days than the black olives in order to eliminate the bitterness.

Both lots of olives are now bottled and we do indeed have a great crop this year.

I don’t think we will need to buy any olives this year.

I have given the tree a severe prune so it will be interesting to see what our crop is like next year.

Makung djang . . . . .Sugarbag dreaming

I have been able to get a bit of framing done lately and am pleased with the final results.  I did have one issue when I was careless with the glass cutting but apart from that all went well.

Our son asked me if I would frame an indigenous painting for him.  He also wanted me to include the certificate of authenticity. I decided to frame the back of the painting with matt board too and included a photo I took of the back of the actual painting before it was covered up.This is the back of the painting with the certificate and photo included and before the hanging wire has been added.It is important to use archival quality products when framing valuable paintings such as this so I made sure I was using exactly that. This tape is how the painting is attached to the archival framing mat.

This framing was a tricky job but one where the challenge was thoroughly enjoyable.

This second picture was a fun one completed for my daughter.


A quick little knit

You can see from this ball of wool that it would knit up into a particular pattern.  I saw it displayed in Stitches’n’Things and thought it would be great for an in-between knit.  I have no big project planned yet and need to get something organised before Le Tour starts on 1st July.

It took just one evening session and of course I had no red buttons to match so had to wait to get red buttons to finish it.