Always extra length needed in the arms

Today I managed to get a bit of sewing done.  I always seem to get side tracked when I am on my way to the sewing room which is up at the back of the garden.  I tend to find that there are things in the garden that need doing or demand my attention.  For example yesterday on my way to do some sewing I noticed that the hedge needed pruning so I did half of the hedge then after lunch I cut some flowers for inside and while doing that I noticed that the roses needed fertilising.  One thing led to another and so the sewing didn’t take place until today.


I had this garment cut out so it was just a case of sewing it together.  I have long arms and every pattern I use I have to adjust the sleeves so they fit me correctly.  They look really long in the picture but they fit me perfectly.

This was a very easy pattern but to show up the seam work I think I will make it in two colours next time.

Philip Larkin

I have always loved poetry and I was recently looking through some of Philip Larkin’s poems and these couple of lines stood out for me.
I have always appreciated the poetry of Philip Larkin.  His many honours include the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry. He was offered, but declined, the position of Poet Laureate in 1984.  This particular quote comes from a poem called The Mower.  My favourite poem of his is This Be the Verse.

A new summer dressing gown.

Some of you may remember this pattern from previous blog posts I have done.  This is now my third make of this particular brunchcoat.  It is such an easy pattern to make up and the fabric at Spotlight was so inexpensive I couldn’t resist making myself a new version.