Spot the koala

My sister and her husband visited us for a few days on their return from a family reunion in Melbourne.  It was lovely to get to spend some time with them but unfortunately the weather wasn’t too good while they were here.

One day we drove to Paynesville so we could catch the ferry to Raymond Island for a bike ride.  The island is fairly flat so it makes for easy bike riding.  We took the time to search for the koalas while we were there and were not disappointed.  There were plenty there to be spotted.  Raymond Island has a Koala Trail which I have talked about in a previous post.

East Gippsland is an ideal place for cyclists as there are many rail trails which means you don’t have to contend with road traffic.

My sister and her husband brought us a gift of a banana bag. I haven’t seen these before but she assured me it would keep our bananas for much longer if we put them in the bag and then put the bag in the fridge.

She was right.  The banans do keep for much longer than if they were left out in a fruit bowl.

Why I have been missing from WordPress

It is almost a month since I last posted on WordPress and the reasons for my absence are many.  To name some, I have been visiting and having visitors and I have been busy in the garden,  Life is more important than blogging but I do miss the contact with other bloggers and it is good to let my family see what I have been getting up to when I can’t see them in person.  I have had lots of personal contact with family recently so now I feel replenished.

I was up in Canberra recently while my daughter was having some surgery.  I was helping to look after one of my granddaughters.  I was only there for a few days but it was good to be of some help.

My youngest granddaughter and her family then visited us for Easter so we were able to spend some time together after my daughter had recovered fully from her surgery.  Easter involved an egg hunt which was thoroughly enjoyed by our youngest granddaughter.

We also had a bonfire one night to burn some rubbish and that was a special treat.

it was so good to have some family time.


I have managed to get a bit mo……..

I have been missing in action recently so this post was started on 23rd March and it is now 21st April.  That is almost a month away from doing blog posts. The post I was going to do was about a cardigan I was knitting for my granddaughter. I mentioned this cardigan in a previous post.I have managed to get a bit more knitting done while the Cricket Test has been on in India. (The Test finished quite some time ago. )

I have completed the body of the cardigan and I am now onto the sleeves.(That has also progressed. )

Since starting this post the cardigan is now completed and my granddaughter has been wearing it.  Onto the next project.