Advertised at the library

Apparently it is the 10th anniversary of Paper Arts Gippsland East

ie PAGE (a clever acronym)

There is an exhibition on at the East Gippsland Art Gallery until the 4th November 2017.  Now that I have seen the small display in the library at Lakes Entrance I will make sure I go to the Gallery in Bairnsdale to see their exhibition.  I had no idea that there was such a thing as Paper Arts Gippsland East.  Here is a look at a couple of the items on display in the library.

I am thinking about embarking on a bedroom renovation

Our bedroom needs a change so I have been thinking about a new colour scheme.  This is how it looks at the moment.

I want to make a change to our bedroom suite and I am contemplating painting the furniture using chalk paint.  I have created a board on Pinterest  to get ideas on how to do this.

I would like the bedroom to be a bit lighter and I think painting the dark wood would be a good start.

The green wall would definitely be changed so I would need to reupholster the chairs to fit in with the new colour scheme.  New pictures would also be needeed.  All food for thought.  I have no idea on what colours I plan to use.  Still thinking about it.


One thing led to another

We have been thinking about overseas holiday plans for next year and part of that is time in the Hebrides and the Shetland Islands.  On a recent visit to the library I borrowed this book.

It is a wonderful book for the traveller to the Hebrides as it gives such detail about what to expect but it also includes excerpts from some fiction that Peter May has written.  I had not heard of this author but he has won awards for his writing and is well known in the UK for his work in television.

The fiction that is mentioned in the travel book Hebrides led me to check out the title at my local library.  The first in the Lewis Trilogy is The Blackhouse and I read that at lightening speed.  There were so many instances of experiences I had as a child in the highlands of Caithness.  I loved the book and even though it was crime fiction there was so much detail about life on the islands that you would enjoy the book even though you were not a crime fiction fan.

I immediately reserved the remaining two books in the trilogy and promptly finished them.

I have checked out the internet for ideas for our trip next year and have discovered that there is a trail you can follow that visits places mentioned in the books.  I include the link here at The Lewis Trilogy.

The picture above is an example from the website.

When I first started looking for ideas on travel in the Hebrides

this was the page from a book on travel in Scotland that I was going to base our journey around.  I will now be looking into the holiday in much more detail.

I highly recommend the Lewis Trilogy.