An item from Ikea, but not furniture or furnishings

When we last stayed with my sister she make some delicious nibbles to have with drinks.  The nibbles were made with these cases and filled with tapenade.

KrustaderWe were having guests for drinks the other night and I thought I would give my sister’s recipe a try but I didn’t have any green olives or basil so I thought I would try a different filling.

I used cream cheese mixed with sour cream and a bit of crushed garlic and chopped dill plus a little bit of salt. A teaspoonful of mix into each cup and topped with a small slice of smoked salmon.  They were delicious.

smoked salmon nibblesYou just need to make sure that you only fill them just before serving otherwise the cups get a bit soft.


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  1. Hey they look really yummy, perfect to serve with drinkies! Hope your guests enjoyed them..
    Jay x

    1. suth2 says:

      They were a big hit thank you Jay.

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