Some Scottish places worth a visit for when you can, sometime in the future.

On catching up on the blogs I follow, I came across a post that sparked my enthusiasm for travel again.  Unfortunately I think it will be a while before it will be a sensible option to travel overseas.  Maybe another trip to New Zealand might be the first on our list that we are able to visit.

Take a look at the Scottish places that were used in series 4 of The Crown. It is from the blog ELE eat, live, escape.



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  1. Away We Go says:

    OOHHH, how lovely! We watched The Crown, we still haven’t seen the new one..I’m afraid I will miss old characters too much! Anyways, those castles are LOVELY! I always wanted to get married in a castle! I cannot wait to visit Scotland…I think Kurt (my significant other) will be very leery to go after my wedding comment…😂😂😂😂

    1. suth2 says:

      It is indeed a beautiful place and well worth a visit. It would certainly be a dream to get married in a castle.

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