The happiest refugee

Time to repost this blog post from 2014.

Gippsland Granny

I borrowed this book from the library.  I had read a great deal in the media about this book a few years ago but only now have I got round to borrowing it.

the happiest refugee

Australia, at the moment is going through a period where petty politics is playing a large part when it comes to people seeking asylum here. I wont get into the debate but I will say that Australia is a huge country and surely there is enough room and resources for those seeking asylum.  

Anh Do is an Australian comedian and started off by doing shows on what it was like to be an immigrant in an immigrant family in Australia.

His book tells of his life as he grew up in Australia as a poor, Vietnamese refugee.  He also tells how his family escaped Vietnam in a boat and the difficulties that entailed.

This is a very easy book to read…

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‘Tis the silly season. . . .

Silly mid-on, silly mid-off etc.  Australia is in the throws of an Ashes Series so cricket is at the top of my agenda at the moment.

I might mention that the Big Bash League is also in full swing.  I thought that there could be no better time to read this autobiography.I am really enjoying the read and at the same time I am learning a bit about the way a cricket team operates behind the scenes and the relationships among the players in a team.  It is an entertaining read and is a bare all account of his cricketing career.  He has been controversial at times and it was interesting to read his version of various events.

If you are a cricket fan then this is well worth a read.