Tuesday travels. . . Alford, Aberdeenshire

Dr WhoThis very recognisable call box, Dr Who?, is to be found at the Grampian Transport Museum in Alford, Aberdeenshire.  It is one of the exhibits remaining from an exhibition on Future Travel held at the museum in a previous year.

Another remnant from the the same exhibition was this dalek.  Apparently the public enjoyed the exhibition so much the museum kept a couple of the items on permanent display.
DalekWe were advised by our hosts at Stonefolds Farm Cottages that a visit to this museum would be worthwhile and it certainly was.

The museum has many exhibits and some you can even climb on board.  There is also a stunning fairground organ which is in working order and you can go behind the organ to see how it operates.

Each year there are different exhibits as well as those permanent exhibits.  There is also a racing track outside where some vehicles can be seen in operation.

Norton motorbikesThe museum also has a small tearoom called The Travellers’ Rest where you can purchase various snacks and beverages and a shop where “transport” souvenirs can be found.

This was a very informative museum on all aspects of travel and transport in the North East of Scotland and I would certainly recommend a visit.  Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time as there is a great deal to see and plenty of information to absorb.


As an aside, Alford is known as the home of the Aberdeen Angus breed of cattle.

Aberdeen angus info

Aberdeen Angus

This statue was unveiled by HRH Prince Charles in the presence of the Queen Mother.

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  1. Very interesting. Before I read this post all I knew about Alford was that it was famous for its oatmeal, I didn’t realise that Aberdeen Angus came from here or that there was a transport museum. I hope I can visit it some time.

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