We dallied in Dargo

Last Tuesday we decided to visit the Blue Duck Inn, just for a day tip.  Fortunately I checked their website before we headed off.  The season for the Blue Duck Inn finished the day before we planned to visit.  Just our luck.  We decided rather than abandoning our outing altogether we would head off to Dargo to purchase some Dargo walnuts.  We know they are delicious and the trip would give us a chance to check out the countryside in that neck of the woods.  It is a lovely trip from Metung to Dargo, about120 kilometres. Dargo walnut cheeseAnother delicious product using the Dargo walnuts is Maffra Dargo Walnut Cheese and we were able to purchase some of that at the Lindenow Butcher on our return trip.

Upon our arrival at Dargo we bought our walnuts at the General Store and then checked out the centre of town, which just happens to be the Dargo Hotel. Dargo PubThere are two notice boards for the tourists, one with a very detailed map of the district and the other providing information in case of emergencies such as bushfires.  On the back of the detailed map there is some information about the district. Dargo info Dargo is now a well utilised area for 4-wheel drive enthusiasts and the pub displays some of the memorabilia of their clubs.  The pub is what you would call rustic with a wonderful atmosphere. Dargo Pub The day we called in we were the only patrons to begin with but by the time we left there were fifteen patrons all enjoying the delicious food on offer from the kitchen. Something that did catch my eye was the specially commissioned lace for the curtains in the hotel. “105 years of pouring beer” obviously created for the 105th anniversary in 2003.commemorative curtainsThere are numerous types of accommodation in Dargo, even though it is only a small village.  I liked the look of this one. Miner's cottage Dargo is worth the visit even if it is just to enjoy a meal at the pub. Dargo Hotel

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