Tuesday travels . . . .Bath, England


Although I have been to England a few times now I have never been to Bath.  My younger daughter had been before but it was included on our trip as her partner, like me,  hadn’t been there either.  I am so glad it was on our itinerary.  What a wonderful place and a must visit if you get to England.

We were there for two nights and stayed in a lovely apartment which was called Below Stairs for obvious reasons. The accommodation was part of The Henry Guesthouse.

Below StairsThis would have been servants’ quarters in days past.  We had very comfortable accommodation which was close to all the attractions in Bath.

Henry's Guest HouseAs you probably know I am not a city person and the sight of the crowds when we arrived on the weekend were a little off-putting. BathThankfully most had gone by the next day and we were able to go to the Roman Baths without the crowds.  Wow!

Roman BathsYou really must see the baths.  What an incredible glimpse of history.  I took loads of photos as I knew my husband would have loved to see it all.  I think I have convinced him to visit next time we are in England.

Roman bathsThe architecture in Bath was also beautiful.  This is the Royal Crescent. This crescent is often featured in period dramas on television or movies.

BathThis bridge has shops on either side and is one of only four in the world.  It is called Pulteney Bridge.

bridgeThe bridge was designed by Robert Adams but suffered many dreadful alterations and additions before finally being restored in 1975 to its original plan.

While we were in Bath my daughter and I visited a costume exhibition in the Fashion Museum at the Assembly Rooms.  The exhibition was a History of Fashion in 100 Objects.  It was a great exhibition and the dress-up clothes were of a very high standard!

costumeYou must visit Bath if you get the opportunity.



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Miriam says:

    Wonderful photos. Bath looks fascinating, so full of history.

  2. tinahomeblog says:

    Next time I am in England I will visit Bath. Looks interesting.

    1. suth2 says:

      It is a magical place. I intend to return there taking my husband next time.

  3. Jenny jonas says:

    We also visited Bath this year, in July. It’s beautiful isn’t it . We visited the Jane Austin museum as well as an exhibition on clothing and textiles through the ages.

    1. suth2 says:

      I loved Bath and will visit again someday but taking Swampy too.

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