Further work on reducing the stash

I now have my frogged wool ready to use so have been able to complete some of the hexagons I had started.

This is a project that will keep me going for a while.  It will reduce the wool stash very slowly.


We will not be in Shetland for wool week but . . . .

We will not be in Shetland for Shetland Wool Week but I am knitting the Wool Week Beanie.  You can find the free pattern at www.shetlandwoolweek.com The beanie is called Merrie Dancers Toorie.

I have knitted this one on a circular needle using leftover 4ply wool from other projects.  The colours are not the same as the one on the illustration but I am happy with the left over wool I have used.  The green I used is very pale and shows very similar to the white I used but it is still ok.

Obviously the hat is still on the needles so it has yet to be finished and blocked.


Toddler socks

While I am overseas I usually take some knitting or crochet with me to do in any spare time I may have.  This last trip I took some wool and needles to make a pair of socks. I obviously didn’t have much spare time as I only half finished one sock!  Since returning home I have finished the socks.

knitted socks 2

knitted socksSome of you may recognise the wool from the dress I knitted for my granddaughter.  I was attempting to use up leftover wool.  I still have enough wool left in this ball and a little in another ball to make another pair of socks.

The pattern was taken from a booklet I used when I used to knit socks occasionally for my dad.

sock patterns


Trying to reduce my stash.

This pattern makes use of single balls of wool so it was ideal for reducing my stash.

Patons patternWhen I say single balls of wool that is only for the two contrast colours.  The main colour required several balls and the first contrast required three balls.  I was still able to use all wool taken from the stash.  The white wool I used was taken from a frogged jumper.  The colours I have used are pastels rather than the bright of the pattern illustration but I am happy with the combination.

in progressI still have quite a bit to do but I am enjoying this pattern.  The only disadvantage is that there will be a lot of sewing in to do when I am finished knitting.

girl's cardigan


Crazy for the blue white and red! Apologies to the musical “Hair”

I have been doing quite a bit of crochet recently.  I used to prefer knitting to crochet but now I think I enjoy both of them equally.  This rug is made from wool from my stash.  The blue wool is from a frogged jumper originally made in 1980.  I remember the year because it was the year our second daughter was born.

I saw the pattern for this blanket on the blog Attic 24 The pattern is called Ripple.  Some call the pattern Chevron.  I think the ripples would need to be deeper for it to be called Chevron.

ripple rug
I originally started doing one row of each colour then increasing by a row each time but lost the pattern half way through so it doesn’t maintain the pattern for the complete rug but you don’t notice unless it is pointed out.

The blob of red in the bottom right hand corner is a red flower which is unfinished.  I have to sew in the ends and then attach it to the rug.  I just put in the row of red for a bit of contrast.  I’m not sure if I should put an edge around the rug.  I will live with it for a few days and then make the decision.

unfinished flowerFor some reason the rug reminds me of Les Miserables. 🙂  I must have musicals on the brain right now.

Les Miserables

Crazy tea cosies

I borrowed some books from the library recently and one of them was this one: Really Wild Tea Cosies by Loani Prior.

As you can see from the cover the cosies really are wild.  I decided I would give one of the more sedate cosies a try.  The pattern said it was ‘easy peasy ‘ and could be done in a night.  Well she was right about it being easy but the construction of the cubes caused a bit of an issue with me.  It was through my carelessness in snipping the joining wool and thus exploding the cube!  I had to make a new cube but it was all good practice.  Luckily for me I had this wonderful gadget that my elder daughter had given me.

Previously I have used circles of cardboard to make pompoms but this is so much quicker.

You wind the wool around the yellow parts and then fold them into the centre.  You then just make the pompom as you would with the cardboard circles.  Trimming to a cube shape proved to be a trial for me.

You might be wondering why I would need cubes for a tea cosy.  Well the tea cosy I made was called “Short black with two”.

I didn’t have any black wool so it has been knitted in a dark grey. You can see from the book illustration below that my cubes are a bit too big.  I will need to do some trimming!

While I was knitting I remembered that I had seen some really wild beanies at Floriade in Canberra one year.  I have included a few photos of those for your enjoyment.