An old alphabet poem, missing parts.

I have mentioned previously how my dad liked poetry and this is the alphabet poem he knew as a child. Unfortunately there are parts of it that he couldn’t remember. I have tried various sources on the internet to find this poem but without success. Perhaps there is someone out there who can fill in the missing sections.

Grandad’s alphabet

A was an ape full of capers and fun,

B was a bee that danced in the sun,

C was a cat that caught mice in the dark

D was a deer that strayed loose in the park.

E was an eagle that soared in the air

G was a fiddler that went to the fair

G was a goat with a pair of fine horns

H was a hedgehog with covering like thorns

I was an inn where travellers did rest.

J was a jay that built a fine nest.

K was a key that opened the door

L was a lion that gave a loud roar

M was the moon that gave light in the dark

N was

O was an owl with a large round face

P was a peacock that strutted with grace

Q was a quern that turned oat into meal

R was a racer that ran a long race

S was

T was a teapot that stood on the tray

U was

W was the well that kept water cool

X was

Y was

Z was the zebra that came from afar.

The letters Q and R don’t appear to follow the pattern so perhaps that part is not quite right.

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  1. I wish I could help but I’ve never heard of it. I hope someone fills in the blanks for you.

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