Caithness and swimming in the North Sea, but not this time.


On our recent overseas trip one of the places I reacquainted myself with was part of the coast of Caithness.  My uncle had a farm on the coast and during the school holidays my brother and sisters and I used to spend time with our cousins.  We always had great fun and one of the highlights was visiting what was known as “The Poolie”.  The poolie is a rock pool, best described as being at the bottom of a cliff.

The rubber dinghy (airman’s collapsible rubber boat) was courtesy of my father who was a pilot in the Royal Air Force. I remember it being bright orange and requiring quite a bit of puff to get it inflated!

We all used to traipse down to the poolie and spent many a happy time there.  My aunt must have been a very trusting soul to allow us to go down there.  When we visited recently,  the trip down was every bit as treacherous as I remembered it as a child!

The cliff going down

This gives you some idea of the environment of this tranquil pool.

The Poolie at BurrigleWhen we revisited it brought back many happy memories .  Quite a trip back up to safe ground!

Part of the climb back up.

8 thoughts on “Caithness and swimming in the North Sea, but not this time.

  1. I can imagine what fun you must have had there, what a wonderful looking pool. I agree with you and Marian, I’m glad my parents gave me the freedom they did. It must have been lovely to revisit those happy memories. I like your new festive look blog by the way.

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