Plenty of pumpkin


A local farmer has been selling pumpkins from the back of his ute.  The pumpkins are at a bargain price and even though there are only two of us at home I decided to buy a full pumpkin and see what I could use it for.

The first cab off the rank was our usual pumpkin soup taken from the Australian Women’s Weekly Barbecue cookbook. Pumpkin and Cumin Soup.  I froze a double quantity batch which I had made in the pressure cooker.

pumpkinI still had three quarters of the pumpkin left so I then made some pumpkin tortelli/ravioli with Sage butter. I haven’t made ravioli before although I do make my own pasta.  The first batch I made I put too much filling in them but they still cooked ok.  By the time I made the last batch I felt I had finally got the hang of it. We ate a fresh batch and I froze the remainder so we have a few ready meals in the freezer now.

The recipe for this was from the internet. Manu’s Menu : Tortelli di zucca

This is the first batch.

pumpkin ravioli

After the ravioli I then made Allan and Michele’s Asian inspired pumpkin soup from the Stephanie Alexander cookbook The Cook’s Companion.  That soup was delicious and we now only have about a third of the pumpkin left.  I think I might make some pumpkin scones.  Do you have a favourite pumpkin recipe you might want to share with me?

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Can you beat pumpkin pie????? I must have made 8 of them last winter. I rationalized that we were getting tons of vitamin A!

    1. suth2 says:

      Is that sweet or savoury?

      1. Jennifer says:

        Definitely sweet. My recipe has 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp. ginger, 1/4 tsp cloves, 2 eggs, about 2 cups of pumpkin, one can of evaporated milk. I bake it in a bought pie crust from Pillsbury for 15 minutes at 425 and 50 minutes at 350 and serve it with whipped cream (not the heavy fat stuff).

        1. suth2 says:

          Thank you Jennifer. I will make sure I give this recipe a try.

      2. Jennifer says:

        I knew I would forget something! It also needs 3/4 cup of sugar.

        1. suth2 says:

          Glad I hadn’t tried it yet! The sugar would make a difference. 🙂

          1. Jennifer says:

            Yeah it wouldn’t be good without it! 😳

          2. Jennifer says:

            This is the standard must-have dessert on Thanksgiving. My mom loved it, Dad hated it so we only had it when there were lots of us around to eat it.

          3. Jennifer says:

            Oops also 1/2 tsp salt ……. I swear that’s all!

  2. You do enjoy a challenge, don’t you? Everything you made sounds delicious and I’m impressed that you make your own pasta. I only ever see pumpkins here at Hallowe’en and I don’t think I’ve ever cooked one. Sorry not to have any recipes to offer, but I’ve heard of pumpkin jam. Might that be something you could try? Sticking them in scones sounds like a good idea to me. Any excuse for a scone.

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