Almost floored!


concrete floorWe are in the process of having our kitchen, family room and hallways re-floored.  The previous covering was carpet and tiles and both were looking very dated and the carpet was well worn.

We have chosen a laminate floor and we have been through the process of having the tiles  and carpet lifted.  The carpet was easy but boy what a mess when the tiles were lifted.  The floor had to be ground back to the concrete and there was concrete dust everywhere.

wood laminateWe now have a floor ready for the wood laminate to be laid today.  There will be a bit of paint touching up to do when it is all finished.


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  1. The amount of dust can be incredible, I feel for you. It’ll be lovely when it’s done though.

    1. suth2 says:

      Hit a bit of a problem when they arrived to lay the floor. There are a few raised parts on the floor that will have to be ground down before they can start laying. More dust!

      1. Oh no, sorry to hear that. These things rarely go completely according to initial plan.

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