Tuesday travels. . . . . Falkirk, Scotland

One of the reasons for my absence was travel overseas.  I was away for a month. Scotland was one of the places visited, if only for a short while on our way to England.

kelpiesThis wonderful sculpture was on our way to Stirling.  The top of the heads were visible behind a hedge on the road edge and I mentioned that I had been keen to see the Kelpies so we made a detour to do just that.

This video tells you more about the sculpture.

It was certainly worth the visit.  This gives you some idea of the scale in the landscape.

scale of kelpiesup closeUp close you can see the scale in relation to the people at the bottom.

Close to the Kelpies is the Falkirk Wheel but we didn’t have time to go to that, maybe next time. An engineering marvel.

falkirk wheel

An added piece.

The sculpture has just won an award and I found this article telling much more about the artist and how the sculpture was created.


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  1. Miriam says:

    It looks amazing.

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