The sky is falling in. . . .


Not really but the ceiling was falling down.

portico ceilingOur carport was suffering from a sagging cornice and I tried to repair it.  The trouble was that it couldn’t be repaired by me!

missing corniceIn this photo you can see where an exploratory cut was made to see what the problem was.  The result of that was the 4×2 lengths screwed to the ceiling to prevent it from imminent collapse.  We had no idea that the ceiling had come adrift from the battens.  Thankfully it didn’t fall down and we are now in the process of getting the ceiling replaced.

plasterboardTwo days ago the ceiling was taken down and new plasterboard installed.

plasterboard 2The following day the joints were plastered to be followed by sanding and the cornices installed.

cornices ceiling upThe next task will be the electrician to install new lights then we are getting a painter for the first time in our married lives!  I am usually the one who does the painting, in fact I have painted this ceiling and beams once since we moved here but we are getting a professional this time.  We are looking forward to the finished product.


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  1. Miriam says:

    There’s always something to be done, isn’t there? Good luck with the painting.

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