High energy Hugh!

I have recently spent a few days in Melbourne visiting my elder daughter and while I was there we went to the show From Broadway to Oz.  Wow and wow! It was fantastic.

What's on in Melbourne

If you haven’t heard of the show this advertising blurb tells you a bit about it.

The boy from Oz

The show really was amazing.  The guy is so full of energy and he relates so well to his audience.  I came away from the show feeling very happy as he injects so much enthusiasm into what he does.  I really don’t know where he gets his energy as the show was full-on-action with only one twenty minute interval.  A really great night as we also had terrific seats up close to the action.
My daughter took me for a meal before the show and we had a delicious dinner at Supernormal. If you are ever in Melbourne it is a restaurant well worth the visit.

Love it or hate it seems to be the reaction

My husband doesn’t really enjoy going to the movies so it is quite some time since I was last at the movies. I think the last movie I saw at the theatre was with my daughters and the movie was “Australia” by Baz Lurman.

Australia the movie

Anyway, I finally decided that I would just have to go to the movies on my own if I wanted to see this next movie. The movie was Les Miserables. You have probably seen it or at least read reviews on it but I can tell you that the reviews have nothing on the actual film.


I came away stunned. It is a long movie but I was enthralled throughout. I became wrapped up in the emotion of the story and even some rather questionable singing from Russell Crowe did little to dampen my enthusiasm.

Hugh Jackman is monumental in the role of Jean Valjean and he has already proved his singing capabilities in other musicals. ( I wonder if anything can be read into the fact that Hugh Jackman was in the last movie I had seen. 🙂 ) Anne Hathaway did a memorable job of the role of Fontaine and her singing of I Dreamed a Dream had me sobbing into my hanky.

The entire story is sung so if you are not into musicals I suggest you don’t go to see it. If you have seen the stage show then you will love this film version. Many of the reviewers question whether actors should have played the roles and say that it would have succeeded if singers who could act had been chosen for the roles. I think it has succeeded with actors who can sing. It is really only Russell Crowe who is the exception.

A monumental movie well worth seeing.


I forgot to mention the comic roles played by Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter They provided some light relief in an otherwise heavily emotional piece.

Crazy for the blue white and red! Apologies to the musical “Hair”

I have been doing quite a bit of crochet recently.  I used to prefer knitting to crochet but now I think I enjoy both of them equally.  This rug is made from wool from my stash.  The blue wool is from a frogged jumper originally made in 1980.  I remember the year because it was the year our second daughter was born.

I saw the pattern for this blanket on the blog Attic 24 The pattern is called Ripple.  Some call the pattern Chevron.  I think the ripples would need to be deeper for it to be called Chevron.

ripple rug
I originally started doing one row of each colour then increasing by a row each time but lost the pattern half way through so it doesn’t maintain the pattern for the complete rug but you don’t notice unless it is pointed out.

The blob of red in the bottom right hand corner is a red flower which is unfinished.  I have to sew in the ends and then attach it to the rug.  I just put in the row of red for a bit of contrast.  I’m not sure if I should put an edge around the rug.  I will live with it for a few days and then make the decision.

unfinished flowerFor some reason the rug reminds me of Les Miserables. 🙂  I must have musicals on the brain right now.

Les Miserables