Mellionnec and other places


You need bags to travel. The black one at the back was a real nuisance. It didn’t want to work the way my husband would have liked. There was some difficulty with the solidity of the base of the bag. It caused angst and the bag will be replaced for our next voyage!The packing of bags on the outward journey is easy, it is the homeward journey packing that presents problems.

The flight from Australia to Paris takes “quite some time”. We flew with Cathay Pacific this time and can say that it was the most comfortable trip we have had out of the trips to Europe we have done. There appeared to be more leg room and you didn’t get the seat in front tipping back into your lap. The seat shuffled forward and downwards rather than backwards. (a bit difficult to explain but it was certainly better than previous carriers)

We had a good flight and arrived safely in Paris. A night at a hotel in Roissy and the following morning we caught the TGV to Rennes.

The actual experience of the TGV was great. We were impressed with the smooth organisation of the station. The train’s departure platform is only displayed fifteen minutes before the train is due to leave so passengers wait in this general area before moving to their platform, thus eliminating unnecessary congestion on the departure platform.

When we arrived at Rennes it didn’t take long to find the car lease depot and we collected our Peugeot and headed off to Mellionnec in Brittany where we would spend the next five weeks.

There is very little about Mellionnec on the internet but I thought you might be interested in this link which shows a house that featured on the program Grand Designs. I hadn’t realised it was in Mellionnec.

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