Why I want to visit Shetland

Jamieson and Smith is a well known company in the community of knitters. I first encountered them when I made a shawl for my first grandchild.  The wool was from Jamieson and Smith but the strangest part about it was that I actually bought the wool from Canada!  I bought the wool on the internet and Canada was the cheapest source at that time.

The shawl I made was a Shetland ring shawl and I did a post about it here. The reason I mention it is because I have, since then become a follower of Kate Davies who does some incredible design work for Jamieson and Smith wools.  She has a website and a blog and numerous followers as her designs are magnificent. Ravelry, the online community of knitters and crocheters, has many projects using her patterns. The Owl sweater was the first of her designs that I completed and blogged about it here.Kate Davies talks often about Shetland and the importance of the place in the work of knitters and I would love to visit to see if it is all it appears to be on her blog.

I also follow a blog called Journeys to Scotland and this is where I came across this Shetland Craft Trail.  Just look at the incredible variety of arts and crafts to visit in Shetland.  Well worth a visit I would say. You will need to visit this website to see the map on a larger scale.

(Lots of links on today’s post but I felt they were needed)

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  1. ajb47 says:

    oh, I do love nice wool and the time to sit and knit! how fun would it be to get to the Shetlands. thank you so much for the kind reference in your post. that was most generous of you. 🙂

    1. suth2 says:

      I enjoy your blog and it makes me hanker to revisit Scotland very soon.

  2. Every time I read anything about Shetland it makes my heart ache. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a number of times, but I always want to go back. I have a beautiful pair of handknitted gloves in a traditional Shetland pattern, that are now sadly wearing out, and I would love to get another pair. They were made by a little old lady in Shetland who knits them without a pattern, and they really are astonishingly good. If you do get the chance to visit Shetland grab it with both hands!

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