Tuesday travels. . . Archaeolink, Oyne


Archaeolink is a prehistory interactive park in Aberdeenshire and we were keen to visit while our son and younger daughter were staying with us at Stonefolds Farm.  We drove from Fyvie to Oyne in order to visit the park but were sadly disappointed when we arrived there to discover that the park was closed.  In fact the park had been closed for quite some time and was no longer operational.  Having driven some distance to view the park we decided that we would jump the fence and have a wander around anyway.

Some considerable work had gone into the construction of this prehistory interactive park but perhaps it had not been profitable and so it was no longer operational.


The grounds had several huts with descriptive plaques outside.

Bronze Age Workshop

hut construction

hut interior

There was also a small hut covered with skins.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere was a section of the grounds that had been planted with trees that were around at the time of the settlements and the path wandered through these trees and included descriptions of the uses of the trees.

It seems such a shame that this park is no longer available to the public, The Archaeolink Website Archive can be viewed so you get some idea of what it was like when it was operating.  Hopefully funding will happen in the future and it will once again be open to the public.

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  1. Meg Thompson says:

    John would have loved all that, he’s always very interested, in the historical detail, but I’m a bit impatient and want to get on to the next thing, so he makes sure he takes photos of the information plaques, then he can tell me all about it.
    I must say I always enjoy Neil Oliver’s historical documentaries on Scotland though.
    You must have had a great time with Fiona and James, special times.
    Are you going for another holiday soon?

    1. suth2 says:

      We hope to go in August next year.
      I have seen some of the episodes of Neil Oliver’s series. There is a book out, based on the series, which I must see if I can get at the library.
      Did you get to the British Museum when you were in the UK?

      1. Meg Thompson says:

        We went to the museum in Edinburugh, it was amazing we didn’t have time to get around all of it though as there was so much to see. Incidentally that’s where we saw the best Fair Isle Hats and mittens for sale . There had been knitting workshops taking place there during the Festival.
        Was good to read about cutting the peats. John was interested in that process and was asking Joan about it.She said it was rare in Caithness now too.We were lucky to have that experience when we were growing up.

        1. suth2 says:

          Hopefully we will get to the Edinburgh Museum on our next visit. Can you remember that Dad used to drop us off at the museum while he went and did his Flour Advisory work while in Edinburgh?

  2. Enjoy Scotland. I’ve just returned from the Outer Hebrides which were amazing 🙂 Also, for some reason my “follow” of your blog had switched off. I’m following again now.

    1. suth2 says:

      Thanks for following again! Our trip to Scotland was last year. I didn’t blog while we were away so I blog about it each Tuesday on Tuesday Travels.

      1. Oh I see 🙂 I’ve missed your blog for a while. Back on board now!

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