We’ve gone solar power – not operating yet as the wait is for the paperwork!

We decided that the time was right to change to solar power after we received our last electricity bill.  Even though our use of power has gone down, the bill has gone up.

We decided to have the panels put on the back shed rather than the house roof as the shed roof provided excellent orientation for the panels and minimal shade.

the shedThe actual panels don’t take up much room when stacked, in fact the whole system came in the back of a ute.

the panels

The installers were super efficient and the job was done very quickly.  We can certainly recommend EnviroLinkAu if you live in East Gippsland.

All doneNow it is just a case of waiting for the paperwork to be completed by the energy supply company, the work inspected and a new meter installed.  Apparently that can take up to a month!

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  1. That’s fantastic! Wish I could go solar, we have so much sun here.

    1. suth2 says:

      We are now anxious to get the ok from the energy provider. It seems such a waste to have those panels on the roof yet we can’t make use of them until it is passed by the energy provider. We just need to be patient.

  2. Tamara says:

    I know its not a cheap start up cost, and if you even notice them on the roof they’re not that pretty to look at – but what a great investment in the environment! The Sun is such a sustainable option. we haven’t dont the full thing yet – but we do have our solar hot water – love it.

    1. suth2 says:

      At our previous house we had solar hot water which was boosted in winter with a water jacket in our slow combustion fire. We lived near Canberra and our solar water system had to shut down in winter as it would freeze and blow a panel. We thought we had eliminated the problem by putting in a drain valve that allowed the water to drain out of the panels at night but one night a seed got lodged in the valve and the panel didn’t drain so we ended up with another blown panel. Rather pricey! We resorted to switching the solar off in winter and relying on the water jacket in the fire.

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